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July 20, 2024

Yango Play celebrates Eid al-Fitr with a family-focused entertainment lineup

As the MENA region gears up for Eid al-Fitr celebrations, Yango Play emerges as the first AI-powered entertainment service that combines video streaming, music, and mini-games in one place tailored for family festivities. Its entertainment lineup includes popular films and classic plays rich in fantasy, comedy, romance, and social drama, reflecting the holiday’s themes of family, unity, and joy. This curated selection celebrates the MENA’s rich storytelling tradition through narratives written, directed, produced, and performed by local talents, making Yango Play the go-to platform for a holiday season that highlights the region’s creativity and culture.

Here’s a sneak peek into the Eid al-Fitr content lineup, available to Yango Play subscribers in the MENA:

On the first day of Eid:

Heartfelt Drama in “3alzero” (ع الزيرو)

Released exclusively on Yango Play post its theatrical run, “3alzero” presents a gripping social drama that tugs at the heartstrings. Actor-musician Mohamed Ramadan stars as Hamza, a father in a desperate battle against time to save his terminally ill son. The journey leads him into the dark world of human organ trafficking, testing the limits of his morality and will. Co-starring Nelly Karim, Jumana Murad, Monzer Mahran, and Islam Ibrahim, “3alzero” not only offers a compelling narrative but also integrates a phenomenal soundtrack featuring the lead actor, contributing to an intense, emotional viewing experience.

Coming Soon in April 2024

A Magical Journey Awaits with “HWJN” (حوجن)

Dive into the unseen world of djinns with the first-ever fantasy romance film written, shot and premiered in Saudi Arabia, based on the best-selling novel by Ibraheem Abbas. When Hwjn, a djinn with a curious heart (Baraa Alem), encounters a human family moving into his Jeddah home, he is fascinated by them, especially by the beautiful Sawsan, a medical student (Nour Alkhadra). Directed by Yasir Al Yasiri, this movie stands out for its visual effects, makeup, advanced prosthetics, and elaborate set and costume designs. “HWJN” will be available exclusively on the Yango Play app, following its cinema release.

Laughter and Love with “Abo Nasab” (أبو نسب)

Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions with the comedy-romance “Abo Nasab”, which will be available exclusively on the Yango Play app, after its run in theatres. The life of Ali, a paediatrician played by Mohamed Imam, takes a hilarious turn when his future father-in-law, fresh from prison, crashes his wedding. Directed by Rami Imam with a stellar A-list cast also featuring Yasmine Sabry and Majed El-Kedwany, Wafaa Amer, Hala Fakher, Mohamed Tharwat, and Mohamed Lotfy, “Abo Nasab” promises to be a comedic gem that brings families together with laughter.

Collection of Beloved Plays, on the first day of Eid

Yango Play also has a lineup of classic plays ranging from comedy to political satire for the whole family to enjoy this Eid al-Fitr.

Al-Wad Sayed Al-Shaghal (الواد سيد شغال)

This classic comedy is one of the most successful plays of Adel Emam, which has become part of Eid rituals. Emam plays a fugitive Sayed seeks refuge with his uncle who works as a cook for a wealthy family. When the family’s daughter gets divorced for the third time, the family enlist Sayed’s help to marry her as a mohallel so she could reunite with her husband. Sayed gets to know the aristocracy and begins a comedic comparison between the world of the rich and the world of the poor in Arab countries.

Al Zaeem (الزعيم)

In this political satire, Zeinhom (Adel Emam) is a simple man who can’t hold down a job for too long, but there is a strong resemblance in looks between him and the dictator of his country. This resemblance is used to make a movie that portrays the evilness of this dictator. When the real dictator dies, Zeinhom is forced by the government to pretend to be that same man in fear of a revolution against the tyrant.

Shahed Ma Shafsh Hag (شاهد ما شافش حاجة)

Sirhan Abdel Baseer (Adel Imam) is an inoffensive, peaceful man who is an actor on a children’s television show. On the show, he plays the rabbit, a character that starts to affect his personal life. He becomes distant from reality and his problems to the extent to which he kills his neighbor who works as a dancer. Headed by detective Ahmed Abdel Salaam (Amr Hariri) the police begin an investigation of the murder. The police raid Sirhan’s apartment, and during investigations, pressure and force him to testify in court even though he never witnessed the incident in the first place.

Sayidaty Al Gamila (سيدتي الجميلة)

In his quest to find a beautiful woman fit for the king’s eyes, Kamal (Fouad El Mohandes) encounters a spirited girl named Sodfa (Shwikar), a pickpocket. Captivated by her untamed nature, he decides to refine her manners and teach her the etiquette required to grace the king’s presence. This humorous journey of transformation combines adventure, romance, and wit, keeping everyone entertained until the end.

El Eyal Kebret (العيال كبرت)

Ramadan El Sakry (Hassan Mostafa), blessed with three sons, a daughter, and a devoted wife, sees his world unravel as his marriage disintegrates. He contemplates a fresh start by remarrying. His son Kamal (Ahmed Zaki) stumbles upon his plan and alerts his siblings, Sultan (Said Saleh), Atif (Younis Shalebi), and Sahar (Nadia Shoukry). Together, they try to foil their father’s remarriage and mend their family, only to realise the monumental challenge it poses.

Al Motazawegoon (المتزوجون)

In this cult comedy classic, the poor but optimistic Masoud (Samir Ghanem) marries the aristocratic Lina (Sherine), challenging societal norms and her father’s wishes. They navigate the stark contrasts of their lives, from humble beginnings to the brink of wealth, under the threat of disinheritance. The play explores the nuances of marital dynamics, class disparity, and the evolving attitudes within 1970s Egyptian society.

Yango Play is where stories come alive and memories are made. With seamless access across smartphones and smart TVs in both Arabic and English languages, users can enjoy their favourite movies and shows without any hassle. This Eid, let its lineup, with stories of love, laughter, and courage, be the backdrop to family gatherings.

Download Yango Play now from the Google PlayStore or iOS App Store and take advantage of a special holiday offer, enjoy an exclusive 60-day free trial and dive into the world of premium entertainment tailored for the whole family.

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