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July 25, 2024

Year 5 Pupils at Brighton College Al Ain Launch Second Book Celebrating UAE Heritage on World Book Day

In celebration of World Book Day, Brighton College Al Ain proudly announced the exceptional achievement of its young authors, Year 5 pupils Ahmed and Saeed Khalaf Al Falasi, who recently launched their newest book, Ahmed and Saeed and their Falcon Jarrah.

The twins’ captivating second book is part of their broader ambition to create a series focusing on UAE heritage and their present-day experiences. Set against the backdrop of a renewed Falcon gifted to them by their grandfather, the narrative beautifully unfolds their journey in caring for the Falcon, woven intricately with their grandfather’s teachings on hunting and Falconry. This tale showcases the rich heritage and traditions of the UAE.

Ahmed and Saeed and their Falcon Jarrah will be available for readers in both English and Arabic, extending an invitation to friends and teachers to immerse themselves in the story.

Mr Oliver Bromley-Hall, Head Master of Brighton College Al Ain, expressed, Brighton College Al Ain is incredibly proud of Ahmed and Saeed – they embody a spirit of creativity, dedication and excellence, values we hold in high regard. Their achievements contribute significantly to the school’s commitment to nurturing individuals with a deep appreciation for their cultural heritage. Theirs is a genuine dedication to promoting literacy and heritage, a dedication that we know will be inspiring for so many others.”

Named after their grandfather and great-grandfather, respectively, Saeed and Ahmed drew inspiration for their book from a profound connection to their family heritage, cultivated by their upbringing surrounded by stories of their family’s past.

Speaking on the importance of heritage and culture, Saeed Khalaf Al Falasi said, “Heritage isn’t just about where we come from, it’s our anchor in this ever-changing world. It is what grounds us, which is why we must hold onto our roots and never forget our authenticity; they give us the strength to achieve success.”

Ahmed Khalaf Al Falasi chimed in, and added, “Our culture isn’t just something we carry with us, it’s our guiding light. It keeps us connected to our values, our traditions, and our identity, steering us upwards and towards success while keeping us firmly rooted in who we are and where we belong.”

Their debut book, Saeed and Ahmed Travel to the Past, found its roots in their great-grandfather’s experiences in pearl diving and entrepreneurial endeavours. Committed to educating children about their history and heritage, the twins emphasise the importance of fostering understanding and appreciation of roots in today’s technology-driven world.

In addition to their literary accomplishments, Ahmed and Saeed have been recognised as the youngest heritage researchers in the UAE. Moreover, the twins actively engage with their school community by conducting workshops on their books and sharing experiences with fellow pupils.

‘Ahmed and Saeed and their Falcon Jarrarh’ will be available for purchase at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair from 29th April to 5th May. Orders can also be placed directly through the publishers, Dar Shams, via their Instagram page: or at [email protected].

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