April 15, 2024
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5,000 UAE residents sign up for RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023

Three-month-long event ends on Diabetes Day 2023

Approximately 5,000 UAE-based residents have registered for the RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023 – a physical and virtual initiative of RAK Hospital, the private healthcare facility in Ras Al Khaimah emirate, UAE.

The three-month-long health event began on August 18 and runs until November 14, 2023. Entries have since closed.

An expert medical jury evaluated all the 5,000 participants’ BMI, HbA1c, health and lifestyle scores at the start of the challenge.

Government support

RAK Hospital launched the event in partnership with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention-Ras Al Khaimah (MoHAP-RAK) to inspire positive health changes, raise awareness about diabetes, and encourage a healthier lifestyle among individuals residing in the UAE.

The challenge was thrown open to UAE residents, 18+, who have diabetes, have a value for pre-diabetics, known diabetics, and those who are both on and not on diabetic medication.

All 5,000 participants, irrespective of their HbA1c value, received weekly health tips at enrolment and can participate in weekly webinars produced by RAK Hospital’s diabetes management experts.

Global statistics

According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 537 million people have diabetes worldwide; this will rise to 135.7 million by 2045.

The MENA region is home to 73 million people with diabetes.

5,000 RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023 was thrown open to UAE residents. Logo: RAK Hospital
RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023 was thrown open to UAE residents. Logo: RAK Hospital

The Brussels, Belgium-headquartered IDF’s analysis of the prevalence of diabetes in the UAE (2021) notes that out of the total adult population of 8,057,100 in the Gulf country, there is a 12.3% prevalence of diabetes in adults, with 990,900 real cases of diabetes in adults.

The IDF is an umbrella organisation of over 240 national diabetes associations in 160 countries and territories.

Who can win?

Challenge participants with HbA1c of 5.7 and above only, at enrolment, are eligible to win prizes.

Cash prizes will be given to the top three male and female winners in the physical category: AED5,000 for the winner, AED3,000 for the second prize winner, and AED2,000 for the third prize winner.

The top three male and female winners in the event’s virtual category will receive RAK Hospital vouchers, hotel and gym vouchers, and other prizes.

The winners will be decided by the most improved BMI, the most significant reduction in HbA1c, and increased health and lifestyle scores, as evaluated at the end of the three-month-long challenge.

The top 10 male and female participants, with the maximum HbA1c reduced, will receive an RAK Hospital Swiss health checkup voucher and other prizes.

Certificates will be awarded to the top 50 individual participants of the challenge.

In the corporate team category, trophies will be awarded to the team with the maximum participation in the challenge and to the most improved team.

Awards D-Day

The top 100 event participants will be able to attend the challenge’s awards ceremony on November 15, 2023 (World Diabetes Day) at RAK Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah emirate.

According to data provided to Middle East News 247 by RAK Hospital, the event has recorded an HbA1c level of 14.27, affirming the event’s relevance for individuals actively managing diabetes.

Approximately 85% of the 5,000 participants exhibit HbA1c levels above 5.7. Regarding BMI, 45% fall into the obese category (BMI above 30), and 55% into the overweight category (BMI 25-30).

‘Global challenge’

According to Dr Raza Siddiqui, CEO of Arabian Healthcare Group and Executive Director of RAK Hospital: “One of the biggest challenges faced globally is diabetes, which is essentially a consequence of family history, inappropriate diet, lack of physical activity and sedentary lifestyle.

“This scenario often results in various ailments, including diabetic retinopathy, coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis, renal failure, diabetic neuropathy, etc.

“With almost 100% of participants registering above their normal healthy weight range, statistics underscore the direct correlation between weight and diabetes. We want people to comprehend the nuances of this disease and take proactive measures that can lead to lasting health benefits, Siddiqui added.

Regarding demographics, 71% of the event’s participants are male and 29% female.

From a UAE inter-emirate perspective, 77% of the participants hail from Ras Al Khaimah, 17% from Dubai, and 6% from Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman.

Participation in RAK Diabetes Challenge 2023 was free of cost.

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