May 24, 2024

Akhbar Al Aan launches ‘Be Part of the News’ campaign

April 27, 2023: Akhbar Al Aan has launched a new interactive campaign, ‘Be Part of the News’, aimed at fostering the knowledge and experiences of the next generation of Arab journalists. The campaign intends to help students engage in media work and employ their skills and talents in producing media content that reflects their identities and interests.

The campaign targets selected universities in Arab countries, granting students the chance to become a part of Akhbar Al Aan’s team and acquire valuable professional journalism experience. The initiative was kicked off in Tunisia with the Institute of Press and Information Science becoming the first institute to be a part of this campaign. Solange El Rassi, Head of PR and Corporate Communications of Al Aan TV., led Akhbar Al Aan’s team and conducted an interactive seminar and workshop for the Institute’s students, focusing on the global media landscape.

As part of the campaign, a competition was launched, inviting students to create a documentary on a topic of their choice. The winner of the competition will have the opportunity to work remotely with Akhbar Al Aan’s leading media team, which will enhance their skills and professional experience. The second and third place winners will receive cash prizes.

The campaign further introduced Akhbar Al Aan and its specialized coverage and content, which aligns with its belief that every story belongs to everyone, and that audiences have the right to be informed about global events. Additionally, the campaign seeks to inspire hope and optimism in its viewers, particularly among Arab youth, through the telling of stories, one by one.

Solange El Rassi, Head of PR and Corporate Communications of Al Aan TV said: “We are thrilled to launch the ‘Be Part of the News’ campaign at the Institute of Press and Information Sciences in Tunisia, a distinguished academic institution that has made significant contributions in the realm of education and has championed the pursuit of knowledge for upcoming generations. We are eager to interact with students, listen to their views, and showcase the diverse career opportunities available at Akhbar Al Aan, along with its distinct advantages. By participating in the news-making process from any location, students will gain valuable professional experience by working with a leading media institution, in addition to receiving financial compensation. The Institute of Press and Information Sciences presents an excellent opportunity for us to engage with Tunisia’s talented youth, who have surpassed the challenges they face and demonstrated their exceptional abilities and skills in all fields.”

“This campaign is a continuation of Akhbar Al Aan’s ongoing efforts to support and empower Arab youth by providing them with various opportunities to enhance their skills and work. One of our significant accomplishments in this field is the launch of the interactive campaign ‘3eesh Al Aan Café ‘, which enables youth to showcase their talents and success stories and apply for full-time jobs. We, at Akhbar Al Aan, are committed to organizing periodic contests that encourage audience participation and continuously creating and sharing meaningful content that resonates with Arab youth and has a significant positive impact,” she added.

Akhbar Al Aan has recently announced the launch of training sessions for aspiring media students and individuals passionate about the field. These online classes aim to teach the fundamentals of journalism, writing, publishing, and presenting and will be conducted by seasoned media professionals who will share their expertise. The courses are available at a reasonable fee, and upon completion, participants will receive an accredited certificate of participation from relevant entities. Additionally, Akhbar Al Aan has also introduced another initiative offering training sessions and part-time working opportunities where individuals can hone their skills in journalism, news-making, and reporting under the guidance of media experts at Al Aan TV.

Akhbar Al Aan plans to expand the program to other esteemed Arab universities. The campaign seeks to network and engage with the media and journalism students in these universities and develop their experiences and knowledge in media, as well as encouraging them to employ creativity and innovation to achieve success and excellence.

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