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July 18, 2024

Al Ansari Exchange Achieves PCI DSS Validation for 2024

Al Ansari Exchange, the largest remittance and foreign exchange company in the United Arab Emirates, and a subsidiary of Al Ansari Financial Services Group (DFM: ALANSAR), proudly announces its successful validation for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for the year 2024. This certification underscores Al Ansari Exchange’s unwavering dedication to maintaining the highest standards of data security and compliance in its operations.

PCI DSS is a set of comprehensive security standards designed to ensure that companies that process, store, or transmit debit & credit card information maintain a secure environment. Achieving PCI DSS compliance is a rigorous process that requires meeting strict requirements for data protection, encryption, vulnerability management, access control, and network security.

“We are pleased to announce that Al Ansari Exchange has passed the PCI DSS validation for 2024,” said Ali Al Najjar, Chief Operations Officer at Al Ansari Exchange. “This achievement reflects our steadfast commitment to safeguarding the sensitive financial information of our customers and partners. By adhering to the highest standards of data security, we aim to provide peace of mind to our stakeholders and uphold trust in our brand.”

Al Ansari Exchange’s compliance with PCI DSS reaffirms its position as a trusted financial services provider in the region. The company’s robust security measures not only protect customer data but also contribute to the overall integrity of the global financial ecosystem.

In addition to achieving PCI DSS validation, Al Ansari Exchange remains dedicated to ongoing investments in technology, infrastructure, and employee training to continually enhance its security posture and adapt to evolving threats in the digital landscape.

“We view data security as a fundamental aspect of our business operations,” added Al Najjar. “Our team remains vigilant in monitoring emerging threats and implementing proactive measures to mitigate risks and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of our systems and data.”

Al Ansari Exchange extends its gratitude to its customers, partners, and stakeholders for their continued support and trust. The company remains committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in all aspects of its operations.

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