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July 20, 2024

Amsaan Accessible Tours to host an exclusive Dubai tour for Deaf tourists during Deaf Awareness Week

Amsaan Accessible Tours (AAT), the first company organising unique tours for Deaf people in the MENA region, has curated a special influencer-led tour In honour of Deaf Awareness Week. Taking place from May 1 to 7 annually, this week promotes the positivity of living with deafness. This collaboration is part of a broader strategy to integrate accessibility into the wider tourism infrastructure, promoting Dubai as a leading destination for all travellers, regardless of their hearing ability.

To spotlight the 11 million Deaf individuals in the Middle East alone, the “Dubai Trip with Influencers” aims to showcase an array of activities tailored for the Deaf and hard of hearing within the city. The week’s itinerary is packed with excursions to Dubai’s most famous landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa and the Museum of the Future; and unique experiences such as a desert safari, shopping in Dubai Mall, cultural immersion in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood and much more. These experiences are designed to be fully accessible, featuring Deaf guides and on-demand sign language interpreters to ensure a barrier-free communication environment.

AAT’s tour will feature Elita Kivite Valdzi, a respected advocate for the Deaf community from London, alongside a group of Deaf tourists, highlighting the enhanced accessibility and inclusivity of travel options in Dubai. Leveraging her significant online following, Elita will document the entire tour, emphasising the seamless travel experience provided by Amsaan.

Vitalii Mykhalchuk, CEO of AMSAAN, “For Deaf travellers the challenges are manifold and Amsaan Accessible Tours aims to break down these barriers, allowing them to explore the world with confidence and ease. Organising a tour during Deaf Awareness Week and partnering with advocates like Elita amplifies our message and educates the public about the importance of accessible travel. As the city gears up for future tourism growth under the National Tourism Strategy 2031, AAT is at the forefront, advocating for inclusive policies and practices that benefit the entire community.”

The collaboration between Elita and AAT enhances Deaf Awareness Week by increasing visibility, and education, and showcasing accessible travel. Such influencers can leverage their broad social media reach to expose a diverse audience to the significance of accessibility and inclusivity for the deaf community, especially during their visits to Dubai. This initiative aims to educate the public about deaf culture, communication, and challenges while combatting prevailing myths. Additionally, influencers highlight how AAT accommodates deaf travellers, promoting inclusive tourism practices and inspiring other businesses to enhance accessibility, thereby empowering deaf individuals to confidently engage in travel.

The public is encouraged to participate in Deaf Awareness Week by learning basic sign language, attending sponsored events, volunteering with relevant NGOs, and promoting accessibility and inclusivity through social media using the hashtag #DeafAwarenessWeek. Local businesses and organisations can support Deaf awareness through collaborative initiatives, accessibility training sessions for their employees and incorporating innovative technologies like AMSAAN.

AAT continues to innovate, planning new initiatives to further enrich the travel experiences for the Deaf community, thus strengthening Dubai’s position as an inclusive tourism hub.

For more details about the “Dubai Trip with Influencers” and other Deaf Awareness Week activities, or to explore partnership opportunities, visit

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