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July 18, 2024

Dell Technologies Introduces Multicloud Data Protection and AI Advances

Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) is expanding its data protection portfolio of appliances, software and as-a-Service offerings to help customers strengthen cyber resiliency in the face of increasing cyberattacks.

With advances across the Dell Data Protection portfolio, Dell is helping customers build a modern and resilient foundation to protect data on-premises, in public clouds and at the edge. These innovations help address concerns raised in the 2024 Dell Global Data Protection Index (GDPI) survey, which revealed that 75% of organizations believe their existing data protection measures are unable to cope with ransomware threats. Nearly 70% lacked confidence that they could reliably recover from a cyberattack.

“With the exponential growth of data, generative AI (GenAI) presents organizations with opportunities to streamline processes, improve decision-making and drive innovation, but it also extends the attack surface for cyberattacks – especially with trained models, which are quickly becoming one of the most valuable assets for enterprises,” said Arthur Lewis, president, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Dell Technologies. “With this expanding digital landscape that exposes more vulnerability gaps, companies are increasing their reliance on Dell to help protect their data wherever it resides with trusted data protection and AI offerings.”

New Dell PowerProtect Appliances Increase Security, Performance and Efficiency

Dell’s new Dell PowerProtect Data Domain DD9410 and DD9910 systems designed for large enterprises to offer increased:

  • Performance for traditional and modern workloads, providing customers with up to 38% faster backups,1 and up to 44% faster restores1
  • Security and cyber resilience for customer data
  • Efficiency, with up to 11% less power consumed 2 and industry-leading 65x deduplication3
  • Scalability with up to 1.5 PBs of usable capacity in a single appliance

“With increasing cyber threats putting organizations on constant high alert, the demand for trusted high performance data protection systems has never been greater,” said Phil Goodwin, research vice president, IDC. “Dell’s portfolio of data protection solutions support numerous data protection best practices to help organizations modernize their data protection environment. With major performance enhancements in backup and restore, we expect the latest PowerProtect Data Domain appliances to remain a key element of critical data protection and cyber recovery infrastructure.”

“We have been relying on PowerProtect Data Domain appliances to keep our data secure for over a decade and a half now,” said Rich Jackson, data protection architect, State of Michigan. “We have no doubts that the latest generation of appliances will continue to increase protection performance and the security of our data.”

Dell PowerProtect Data Domain systems are also at the center of a broad partner ecosystem, helping leading data protection software vendors grow their business while strengthening resiliency for their customers.

“Dell and Commvault have a shared belief that a strong foundation for resilience is absolutely required in the face of AI-driven cyber threats,” said Sanjay Mirchandani, president and CEO, Commvault. “Together, we are delivering industry-leading cybersecurity, performance, and efficiency to our joint customers. With a deep API integration between the Commvault Cloud platform and Dell’s latest PowerProtect Data Domain appliances, we can leverage the full strength of our combined cyber resilience, data security and rapid recovery capabilities to empower organizations to effectively mitigate risks and ensure uninterrupted business continuity.”

Increasing Productivity and Efficiency with Integrated GenAI Assistant

With the introduction of Dell APEX Backup Services AI, an integrated GenAI assistant for backup and recovery, customers can streamline protection processes. Dell APEX Backup Services AI helps address the growing demand for GenAI data protection, as evidenced by 52% of GDPI survey respondents who believe GenAI will provide an advantage to their organization’s cyber security posture.

Dell APEX Backup Services AI capabilities help users:

  • Request real-time custom reports, ask follow-up questions to refine report variables and act on AI-powered suggestions to remediate backup failures
  • Understand and improve their backup and security postures with assisted troubleshooting with simple written prompts, analyze logs, and troubleshoot errors
  • Use intelligent responses with recommendations and best practices customized to their specific environments
  • Simplify administrative operations, from creating new backup policies to triggering new backups of specific workloads

Powerful Backup and Recovery with Storage Direct Protection Innovation

Storage Direct Protection in Dell PowerProtect Data Manager offers native integration with Dell PowerMax enterprise storage for fast, efficient and more secure backup and recovery to and from Dell PowerProtect Data Domain.

Storage Direct Protection in PowerProtect Data Manager for PowerMax delivers:

  • Fast backup and recovery of multiple storage arrays with up to 46TB/hr for a single backup4 and up to 21TB/hr for a single recovery5 
  • Efficient data protection of Dell PowerMax with full restore to original or alternate PowerMax system
  • Secure data integrity and optional cyber vault integration
  • Simple operations with centralized management and orchestration
  • Multicloud support for PowerProtect Data Domain replication and cloud tiering

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