February 23, 2024

‘Andalusia: History and Civilization’ wraps up diverse musical program

The ‘Andalusia: History and Civilization’ initiative successfully concluded its artistic program with an enthralling musical concert titled ‘Andalusian Nights: Guitar and Arabic Music.’ The concert was performed by the internationally acclaimed guitarist Antonio Rai and oud player Sadiq Jaafar, which drew a remarkable crowd of Al-Andalusian art enthusiasts.

The ‘Andalusia: History and Civilization’ initiative featured a series of art and musical events as well as, exhibitions showcasing a variety of artworks and heritage collections. The primary objective of the initiative is to introduce the audience to the rich tapestry of Arab-Andalusian heritage, while promoting cross-cultural understanding. The series of musical programs leading up to the captivating ‘Andalusian Nights: Guitar and Arabic Music’ concert at the Emirates Palace, all served a key role in upholding the cultural heritage, and promoting the values of tolerance and coexistence.

The initiative’s artistic activities that continued over several months included a series of musical events, including the ‘Cordoba Nights,’ an enchanting symphonic performance by a 50-member orchestra, skilfully led by the world-renowned maestro Enma Shara. The event was held on October 8, 2023, at the Emirates Palace Auditorium in Abu Dhabi, captivating audiences with the beauty of Spanish symphonies that bear the soul of Andalusian melodies. The mesmerising ‘Ya Zaman al Wasl bil Andalusi’ evening, which honoured Andalusian Muwashahat, was another highlight. This incredible performance, which took place on November 12, 2023, at the Emirates Palace Theatre, included a large choir of male and female singers, accompanied by a talented group of musicians and vocalists directed by orchestra conductor Ghada Harb. Additionally, the initiative featured a memorable ‘Flamenco Night,’ which was hosted on December 20, 2023, by the internationally acclaimed performer Anna Morales, who is renowned for her proficiency in the traditional Spanish art form.

His Excellency Mohammed Al Murr, Chairman of the ‘Andalusia: History and Civilization’ Initiative Committee, expressed his delight in the successful conclusion of the initiative’s art programs, which celebrates the rich heritage of the ancient Andalusian civilisation. His Excellency emphasised how the art events in Abu Dhabi represented the convergence of Arab and Spanish cultures, as it showcased the diverse artistic traditions of Andalusia. The program’s line-up of art events, which featured exceptional displays of various art forms, such as stanzas, flamenco dances, and guitar melodies, among others, was also received well by His Excellency.

His Excellency commented: “The ‘’Andalusia: History and Civilization’ was launched based on the UAE’s strong commitment to advancing the values of tolerance, openness, coexistence, and cultural exchange. The Andalusian civilisation serves as an authentic embodiment of these values, which the UAE aims to solidify. The initiative’s line-up of outstanding performances and artistic events, which seamlessly blended the Arab and Spanish works of art in an Andalusian fusion, served as the ideal forum to highlight these humanistic principles.”

The ‘Andalusia: History and Civilization’ initiative has been hosting a diverse range of art and cultural events over the past few months, with the primary objective of fostering cross-cultural awareness and artistic exchange between the Arab world and Spain. A major highlight of the initiative was the cultural seminar organised in the Spanish capital last year, along with the recently concluded art programs.

As part of the initiative, the ‘Art Exhibition’ will continue to take place at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre, while the second cultural seminar is scheduled to be held in the UAE in February. The initiative is a joint cultural project between the UAE and Spain that aims to showcase the rich Andalusian heritage and celebrate its accomplishments, while also deepening our understanding of the impact of Andalusian culture worldwide.

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