February 26, 2024

Arabian Healthcare Group Announces Expansion

Arabian Healthcare Group (AHG), the leading healthcare provider in the region with RAK Hospital as its flagship brand, in collaboration with CommonSpirit Health, one of the largest hospital systems in the United States, is proud to announce a significant expansion of its services in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) through the establishment of new community clinics. The initiative is part of AHG’s commitment to serving the entire RAK market across all insurance categories through a comprehensive hub and spoke model.

The overarching goal is to ensure that as mandatory insurance is progressively implemented for local citizens in the Northern Emirates, a trend already underway for expatriates, all new expats and those renewing visas will be required to obtain private insurance. The government is actively advocating for expatriates to utilize private healthcare services.

Recognizing the forthcoming surge in demand and to cater to the growing demand for premium healthcare services, AHG will open new freestanding clinics in prominent RAK communities, including Al Dhait, Al Maried, Al Ghail and relocating the existing clinic in Al Hamra to a larger facility. These clinics aim to provide accessible and high-quality healthcare services to the diverse population of RAK, including Emiratis and expats.

“Our primary objective has always been to deliver hospital-quality, internationally accepted healthcare directly to your doorstep. Quality over quantity is our guiding principle. We are dedicated to providing integrated health and 360-degree care to the community,” emphasized Dr. Raza Siddiqui, CEO of Arabian Healthcare Group and Executive Director of RAK Hospital. “Our new clinics are designed to meet the diverse needs of the population, ensuring that individuals receive the right care at the right location, eliminating the necessity of visiting a hospital for every basic health need. Those seeking basic care, including periodic check-ups, fundamental gynecological needs, infant medicine, dental care, or basic skincare, should have access to facilities conveniently located near them.”

“Embracing the urgent care concept inspired by the successful model implemented by CommonSpirit Health across the United States, we are transforming how individuals address minor health concerns. For everyday ailments such as a child feeling unwell, personal discomfort, or basic health issues like coughs and colds occurring in the middle of the night, there’s now a viable alternative to heading to the hospital. Our upcoming clinics will offer 24/7 urgent care services, spearheaded by experienced internists. These clinics will attend to all basic emergency needs,” explained Dr. Siddiqui.

Continuing, he stated, “In this new paradigm, if your health concern is basic, you can receive immediate care at the clinic. If the attending physician deems that your condition requires specialized attention, such as in cardiac or neurological cases, the urgent care clinics will be equipped with ambulances to promptly transfer patients to the hospital. This innovative approach underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services, ensuring that individuals receive the right level of care at the right location, avoiding unnecessary visits to the hospital for minor health issues. This forward-thinking model aligns with our mission to make healthcare easily accessible and convenient for everyone, anticipating and addressing the evolving healthcare needs of our community.”

Concluding, Gregg Davis, Senior Vice President of CommonSpirit Health said, “With a commitment to excellence and a patient-centric approach, AHG in association with CommonSpirit Health aims to become the preferred healthcare provider in RAK across all categories, making healthcare more accessible and convenient for the entire community.”

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