April 20, 2024

Biban, The Largest Entrepreneurship Conference In Saudi Arabia, Will Offer $2.7 Million In Prizes At Biban 2023

More than $2.7 million will be awarded in a dozen new competitions and “hackathons” at Biban 2023. Biban is Saudi Arabia’s largest entrepreneurship forum, created to inspire businesses to showcase their entrepreneurial ventures. The Biban 2023 event will be held at the Riyadh Front Exhibition & Convention Center from March 9 to March 13. It intends to contribute to creating and developing new solutions to diverse problems.

Biban 2023

Biban is Saudi Arabia’s largest entrepreneurship convention, where startups and entrepreneurs present their ideas to the public. The conference is a great place to meet new people, expand your knowledge, and find a mentor. This year’s theme for Biban 2023 is tagged “Attract-Connect-Achieve.” It seeks to uncover, organize, and empower creative ideas and technology innovations by encouraging technological entrepreneurship, identifying the digital capabilities of young men and women, and developing their ideas. People who attend Biban 2023 will have a rare chance to meet people with similar interests and work together on projects. Also, they will get to hear from well-known speakers from around the world and from right here in their own backyard.

This list of awards includes the Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Prize for Entrepreneurship and Supporting Productive Families, the Entrepreneurship World Cup, and the annual KPMG competition. It will also include the She is Next Award presented in partnership with Visa and the inauguration of the Women in Tech Challenge. In addition, this year’s Innovate Award winner will be announced.

The competitions will include the digitization challenge in the real estate industry and the cybersecurity challenge in partnership with the Saudi Information Technology Company. It will also span technology startups, the robotics war, the search for the robot through the virtual world in intelligence centers, and more. There will also be several “hackathons” at the forum where programmers get together to work on or make new software. Through Biban, the competing teams will have access to various workshops, lectures, and hands-on exercises led by professionals in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation. Winners will be chosen once judges and subject matter experts have evaluated their initiatives.

At Biban 2023, more than 500 exhibitors and 120 organizations supporting young innovators and entrepreneurs will come together. This fulfills a promise made by Saudi Vision 2030 to increase the role of SMEs in the country’s economy as a whole. The National Competitiveness Center, the Ministry of Trade, and the Small and Medium Businesses General Authority are behind its planning. SMEs and entrepreneurs worldwide are encouraged to join Biban to learn from one another, collaborate, and develop effective responses to the various growth difficulties they face.


Biban 2023’s prize pool of $2.7 million is a big investment in the Saudi Arabian startup ecosystem. This prize money can help encourage and support creative ideas and solutions that can create jobs, foster economic growth, and enhance the quality of life in the region. 

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