July 20, 2024


Bentley Motors announces the company’s most visually striking SUV to date, the Bentayga S Black Edition. Identified by the first application of black-tinted wings to a Bentley in 105 years, the S Black Edition combines vivid accent colours, rich black detailing and confidence-inspiring chassis technology, revealing the darker side of the Bentayga

Customers can choose from seven accent colour specifications: Mandarin, Signal Yellow, Klein Blue, Pillar Box Red, Ice, Hyper Green, and Beluga. Each of the colours bring eye-catching yet cohesive design both inside and outside, contrasting with stealthy black treatments across the car.

On the exterior, the accent takes the form of a laser-like stripe on the Styling Specification body kit below the front bumper and side sills and across the top of the rear spoiler. Brake calipers are painted to match, adding a splash of colour behind 22” black-painted wheels. As per the standard Bentayga S, all exterior brightware is replaced with gloss black versions – but the  S Black Edition is the first model in Bentley’s 105-year history to include the Bentley Wings and lettering in matching gloss black. The final exterior detail is a Black Edition badge located on the rear D pillar.

At the start of the year, a host of new features have increased the desirability of the Bentayga range even further. With the exterior of the car remaining fresh, the scope for increased personalisation has been increased with seven new satin paints, a new additional exterior colour and a new 21” wheel option in three different finishes. Priority has been given to the driver and passenger experience with new chassis technology, new electrical architecture and additional features, including a reprofiled front radiator grille. The introduction of all wheel steering at the launch of Bentayga Extended Wheelbase increased handling and manoeuvrability  whilst also reducing the turning circle by nearly 1m. This system is now included as standard on both the Bentayga Azure and ‘S’ V8 models.

For the new S Black Edition, the Bentley design team has also created a unique interior colour layout, bringing the perfect contrast between rich Beluga leather and splashes of bright accent colour. The impactful accent colours on the outside of the car are carried through into the handcrafted cabin, where contrast stitching, contrast piping and accent-coloured sections of the leather trim come together to achieve the same searing effect. Each seat is embroidered with a black ‘S’ emblem.

A new carbon fibre weave has been used on the fascia, centre console and waistrails. The weave adds seemingly-3D visual depth to the fascia, providing the perfect backdrop for the Black Edition badge, which is inlaid beneath the lacquered surface to preserve the flush finish.

The new Dark Chrome pack has been included as standard. This means that much of the interior metal detailing – the bullseye air vents, their organ stop controls and the centre vents – has been changed from usual bright chrome to gloss black equivalents.

There are three audio systems to choose from, starting with the Bentley Signature Audio system. The Bang & Olufsen for Bentley system takes sound quality to another level, while also featuring stunning illuminated speaker grilles, while the Naim for Bentley system represents the ultimate in automotive sound quality.

Agility for the urban environment, not just the race track

The dynamic nature of the Bentayga S Black Edition is enhanced in each of the driving modes by the Electronic All-Wheel Steering. This is even more apparent as the steering combines with Bentley Dynamic Ride using up to +/- 4.8° of steering lock on the rear wheels.

At low and medium speeds (below 37 mph), the rear wheels are steered in the opposite direction to the front wheels to aid a rapid change of direction, maximising manoeuvrability in tight spaces and reducing the turning circle by 1m. At higher speeds (above 37 mph), the rear wheels steer in the same direction as the front, to improve stability and providing further confidence.

Understated performance

The Bentayga S Black Edition features Bentley’s renowned 4.0-litre, twin-scroll turbocharged V8 petrol engine, combining immense power with impressive fuel economy. The latest-generation engine develops 542 bhp (550 PS) and 568 lb.ft. (770 Nm) of torque, with a 0-60 mph (0–100 km/h) time of 4.4 (4.5) seconds and a top speed of 180 mph (290 km/h). This class-leading performance is complemented by a range of 406 miles (654 km), with CO2 emissions of 296 g/km.

Deploying the power as effectively as possible, Bentley Dynamic Ride is fitted as standard and was the world’s first electric active roll control technology that utilises an unrivalled 48V system. The system can react within 0.3s with up to 1,300 Nm of torque to counteract lateral rolling forces when cornering, ensuring maximum tyre contact to deliver class-leading cabin stability, ride comfort and exceptional handling.

Similar to the Continental GT Speed, where the boundaries of grand touring comfort versus engaging performance have been extended through chassis mode selection, the Bentayga S Black Edition offers increased capability through an enhanced SPORT mode over a standard Bentayga.

In SPORT, improved steering feel, greater turn-in response and further reduced body-roll is possible due to an additional 15 per cent increase in air suspension damping and a unique Electronic Stability Control and Bentley Dynamic Ride tune.

Recalibration of Bentley’s Torque Vectoring by Brake system – whereby the car lightly brakes the inside rear wheel at corner entry to sharpen the front axle turn-in – has made Bentayga S Black Edition even more responsive to drive.

A sports exhaust is included as standard, with free-flowing primary and secondary pipes improving flow and combining with reduced perforations in the muffler to deliver enhanced character and volume, giving a more performance-oriented feel.

The Bentayga’s comprehensive off-road abilities remain, with the optional All-Terrain Specification bringing four dedicated off-road modes (Snow and Wet Grass, Dirt and Gravel, Mud and Trail, and Sand) along with a 500 mm wading depth.

Striking presence with responobility

The Bentayga S Hybrid Black Edition allows customers to indulge their passion for sporting performance and striking design while still enjoying the many advantages of an electrified powertrain.

With a combined output of 462 PS (456 bhp), the 3.0-litre TFSI V6 petrol engine and 100 kW electric motor-generator can power the Bentayga S Hybrid Black Edition from zero to 62 miles an hour (100 km/h) in just 5.3 seconds, with a top speed of 158 mph (254 km/h). The sensation of effortless power is, if anything, accentuated by the hybrid powertrain due to the capability of the electric motor to deliver its full torque output from zero revolutions per minute.

Like its V8-powered stablemate – the new Bentayga S Hybrid Black Edition provides a more engaging drive, featuring (whilst in Sport mode) sound enhancements in the engine bay complementing the sound of the V6 TFSi and adding to the more sporting character of the car

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