May 20, 2024

Bridgestone reiterates commitment to social responsibility with 2nd edition of ‘Eyes on the Road’ campaign for fleet drivers

11 April 2023: Bridgestone Middle East and Africa (MEA), announced the launch of the 2nd edition of its annual wellness and road safety initiative ‘Eyes on The Road’ for the holy month of Ramadan. The annual campaign supports fleet drivers in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Morocco for their hard work and resilience, as well as reflects Bridgestone’s commitment to promoting a sense of community, especially for those working alone during Ramadan. The 2nd edition of the campaign, which was launched recently, will provide drivers with the chance to relax, engage in different activities, and break the fast as a community.

Due to the presence of medical professionals on-site, the Ramadan campaign enables truck drivers to receive free health examinations, as part of Bridgestone’s ongoing effort to support drivers’ health, considering the lengthy hours they spend driving. Additionally, a physiotherapist will be present to carry out thorough movement, spine, and posture checks, along with a nutritionist who will offer the best diet plans to help them maintain their physical and mental health throughout Ramadan. As part of the initiative, trucks will also be checked for tire pressure and other minor defects, which will further improve road safety.

Jacques Fourie, Vice President and Managing Director of Bridgestone Middle East and Africa said: “The fleet drivers play a vital role in the city’s daily operations, and we rarely get a chance to express our gratitude as they are always on the go and work long hours. This Ramadan, we hope to make a difference by bringing them together and offering them a break from their hectic schedules. The second iteration of our ‘Eyes on the Road’ campaign aims to give them the opportunity to celebrate Ramadan as a community, in addition to offering them a range of beneficial services Furthermore, this aligns with the kindness of millions of people in this region and the culture of generosity and compassion. This culture continues to grow stronger as communities support one another.”

“On the other hand, our free medical examinations are a part of our ongoing effort to improve the health of our drivers and the safety of our roads, both of which fall among our top priorities. We therefore invite both truck owners and drivers to participate in our celebration this holy month and move forward as a community,” he added.

The latest edition of the campaign reaffirms Bridgestone’s E8 commitment by promising to increase road safety and ensure community welfare. More than 5,000 truck drivers are expected to participate in the activities and benefit from the services offered by Bridgestone to support those who are away from their loved ones this holy month of Ramadan.

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