February 22, 2024

Celebrating Saudi Arabia’s Achievements At The Esameyoon 2023

Esameyoon recognizes Saudi entrepreneurs who have achieved success in the business world. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Subaie and Sons Investment Co. (MASIC) started the event in 2019. This year’s event brought together leaders from both the public and private sectors. 

Participants included Saudi Industrial Development Fund CEO Prince Sultan bin Khalid bin Faisal Al-Saud and Deputy Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Osama Al-Zamil. In addition to the chairman of MASIC’s board of directors, Ibrahim bin Mohammed Al-Subaie, also in attendance were Mohamed Al-Morshed, V. C. of the Board of Directors of the RCCI (Riyadh Chamber of Commerce); Rayan Al-Fayez, deputy governor of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises (MonshaatSA).

The initiative has four categories and awards for self-made people, businesses, industries, and social entrepreneurs. The winner of each one gets SR100,000 ($26,600) in cash. 

Mohammed Al-Maghlouth, Entrepreneurship Accelerators Manager at MonshaatSA, mentioned that organizations wanted to help entrepreneurs encourage young people to start their own businesses. He also said that entrepreneurs played a key role in helping the business sector in the Kingdom. He also praised the decision to award one of the prizes to social entrepreneurship projects this year. This is especially because this sector is so important for meeting needs and solving problems in a way that is both innovative and good for society and the economy. 

The vice chairman of MASIC, Nasser Al-Subaie, expressed that the initiative was started because his company believed in the role of the private sector in society and the need for its active participation in everything that would help develop and diversify the national economy.

Saad Al-Sayari, the head of Esameyoon’s executive committee, said that the main goal of the project was to honour successful entrepreneurs who have made a name for themselves in the business sector. He also said that to be eligible for the awards, they had to be Saudi, be leaders in their field, and have their main office in the Kingdom. He stated that the initiative aimed to be as open and honest as possible. He also said this would be done by using clear and fair rules to choose the winners and hiring independent judges, such as business-minded dignitaries and experts. Saudi entrepreneurs are encouraged to submit applications on esameyoon.com. The deadline for registration is March 11, and the winners will be announced on May 14. 

About Esameyoon

When it comes to helping the people of the Kingdom and furthering the goals of Vision 2030, MASIC is confident that the private sector can play a significant role. The initiative has always worked to support the sustainability of the entrepreneurial environment. It has done this by introducing many honourable Saudi models in the business world, such as the owners of small and medium-sized projects in different fields, to set an example for Saudi youth. 


The Esameyoon project shows that Saudi Arabia wants to celebrate its people’s successes and how they have helped the Kingdom grow. This initiative will encourage ambitious people to strive for excellence.

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