April 16, 2024
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Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s Bariatric Surgery Program treats over 3,200 patients with complex chronic conditions

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. July 12, 2023: Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, an M42 company, has reached a significant milestone as its Bariatric Surgery Program completes over 3,200 surgeries since the start of the program in 2017. As obesity levels continue to rise worldwide, having nearly tripled in the last 50 years, bariatric surgery is increasingly seen as a successful, long-term solution for obese patients who haven’t been successful with other weight loss approaches.

The World Health Organization estimates that more than one billion people worldwide are obese, while the UAE National Health Survey Report 2017-18 indicated that 27 percent of respondents were obese, with the highest prevalence in the 30-44 age group.

Despite the many weight loss methods available today, maintaining a healthy weight after bariatric surgery is considered as a challenge. However, through its Bariatric Surgery Program, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi is driving a more permanent solution for those seeking to lose significant amounts of weight. Moreover, this surgical option provides many other life-changing health benefits, including remission of type 2 diabetes, improved heart health, relief from depression, relief from joint pain, and increased fertility.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s milestone of completing over 3,200 surgeries demonstrates its levels of clinical excellence in driving bariatric surgery as a successful treatment option for obesity and related comorbidities.           

Dr. Javed Raza, Director of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and Staff Physician in the Digestive Disease Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, states, “The prevalence of obesity is on the rise. It impacts vital organs such as the kidneys, heart and reproductive system, leading to a range of health problems, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, various forms of cancer and obstructive sleep apnea. These all significantly impact a patient’s quality of life.”

Dr. Raza also emphasizes the benefits of bariatric surgery for patients struggling with obesity: “Bariatric surgery procedures include gastric bypass; sleeve gastrectomy and duodenal switch have proven to be effective treatment options for patients with chronic conditions related to obesity. Studies have shown that bariatric surgery not only helps patients achieve significant weight loss but also leads to improvement in overall health and quality of life. It is the most effective long-term and sustainable treatment for class III obesity when accompanied by important lifestyle changes.”

In addition to other surgical procedures, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s multidisciplinary Bariatric Surgery Program offers two distinct types of treatments: laparoscopic SADI procedure and robotic sleeve surgery, with national and international benchmarks serving as qualifying criteria for surgery. The hospital treats patients with various complex issues, including those with a high BMI, multiple comorbidities, and those who have experienced failed weight loss with conventional methods. Along with the latest technology, the program also offers comprehensive personalized care, education, and support post-surgery.

“At Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, we aim to help our patients achieve long-term success in their weight loss journey and improve their overall health and well-being,” says Dr. Raza. “With the latest technology and a multidisciplinary approach, we offer personalized care, education, and support to help patients achieve their weight loss goals.”

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