March 5, 2024

The Uae Minister Predicts That India’s Influence on Future Technology Will Be Pervasive

The Uae Minister Predicts That India’s Influence on Future Technology Will Be Pervasive :

United Arab Emirates Minister Omar bin Sultan Al Olama said on Wednesday that India’s technological advancements would leave their mark on the future for “everyone and everywhere,” according to a PTI report. The appointment of Al Olama in 2017 made him the first minister of state for AI anywhere in the world. His responsibilities include improving government efficiency through the adoption of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) tools and technologies. He is in charge of things like the internet economy, telecommuting tools, and AI.

“To us, India represents more than just the past and the present; it also represents the future. Each and every person and place in the future will bear the imprint of Indian innovation,” he said. In spite of the impact of places like Bengaluru, Al Olama added that technology can be traced back to all corners of the globe.

The UAE Minister of State admitted, however, that “it has an Indian fingerprint because there are Indians shaping future technology in different places around the world.” He maintains that India will also become a world power in other fields.

He cited the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and other Indian platforms as examples of the future of connected societies, along with JAM (Jan Dhan Bank Accounts, Aadhaar, and Mobile) and the India Stack. According to Al Olama, the United Arab Emirates and India have longstanding cultural and economic ties.

This year also, there was the signing of the CEPA (Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement) between the UAE and India, In the next five years, thanks to CEPA, the value of bilateral trade in goods is projected to reach over $100 billion, and the value of trade in services is projected to reach over $15 billion.

Al Olama stated, “We hope that the CEPA agreement that was signed between the two countries is a great stepping stone for us and to create a new era of technologies together.”

The 12U2 agreement

The governments of India, Israel, the UAE, and the United States have formed a new partnership called I2U2. The issues of water, energy, transportation, space, health, and food security are all addressed. The name is a combination of the initials of each of the four participating countries. The I2U2 agreement “will be one of the role model agreements that many countries will build their collaborations on,” Al Olama said.

At the event, Al Olama urged the assembled business moguls, investors, and startup founders to consider the United Arab Emirates as a “natural springboard” for expanding their operations into other regions, such as Africa and the Middle East. The UAE, he said, is seen by startups in Bengaluru as a gateway to Africa, while startups in the UAE are looking to India as a potential market for growth.


India’s phenomenal contribution is gaining increasing recognition. Through collaborations and partnerships with other nations, a region such as UAE can help other countries expand their future technology to the rest of the globe.

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