February 26, 2024
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New Agreement Between Saudi Arabia and Morocco Will Strengthen Tourism Cooperation

On Friday, the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported that Saudi Arabia and Morocco had signed a tourism cooperation agreement. This was to enable the coordination of efforts to achieve sustainable development in the two countries’ tourism sectors. To expand their tourist cooperation, both nations signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the 117th session of the notable Executive Council meeting of the UN Tourism Organization.

Ahmed al-Khateeb, the minister of tourism in the UAE, and Fatima-Zahra Ammor, her Moroccan counterpart, signed this MOU. Al-Khateeb, in his statement, expressed that Saudi Arabia and Morocco enjoy a combined commitment to preserving rich heritage sites, and mountainous, marine and desert natural areas. He further highlighted that they are both keen on giving priority to youth in development agendas.

He stressed that sustainability was given a high priority when planning for the Kingdom’s tourism industry. Cooperation and partnerships with partners who have a common goal, like Morocco, help to strengthen and boost the sector. He further added that the problem of sustainability is a crucial part of Saudi tourism ambitions.

What to expect from the Tourism MOU

SPA reported that the memorandum of understanding would encourage more cross-border tourism cooperation and investment. According to Morocco’s Minister of Tourism, the newly signed agreement will reflect the strong connections between both countries. It will also depict the unified vision towards consolidating partnerships and improving prospects for tourism cooperation.

She added that the two countries would be able to strengthen their tourism infrastructure thanks to the increased number of joint projects and the sharing of best practices.

According to the SPA report, in 2020, Saudi Arabia provided $26.6 million in investments in the real estate, tourism, and agricultural sectors of Morocco. This makes it one of the largest Arab trading partners for Morocco at present.

Over 250 ministers, travel agents, investors, and hotel and travel industry professionals from The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) member countries gathered in Marrakesh on Wednesday. The meeting was to kick off a three-day meeting of a number of the Executive Council of the World Tourism Organization.

The agenda includes discussions on the recent shift in international tourism cooperation and the state of the organization’s finances. Further, a report on human resources and a proposal to form a study group to rethink the future of tourism were discussed. Finally, the agenda listed an update on the UNWTO’s efforts to establish regional and thematic offices within the framework of existing law and practice.


As the global tourism industry seeks solutions to recover from the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the signing of this Memorandum Of Understanding between Morocco and Saudi Arabia is essential. It will provide both countries with an opportunity to learn from the experiences of each other and explore new avenues for cooperation and growth. The two countries’ tourism industries will benefit greatly from this Memorandum Of Understanding, as will the exchange of a great deal of technical know-how and training.

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