February 23, 2024
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The SDRPY Delivers 150 Homes In Yemen

By order of royal decree, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program in Yemen (SDRPY). The organization’s goal is to work with the Yemeni government to help the people of Yemen rebuild their country. SDRPY gets the funding it requires to do its job through organizations and countries that partner with them to help Yemen. SDRPY is also committed to training the next generation of professionals, farmers, and other experts so that Yemen can secure its future

SDRPY Delivers 150 Homes In Yemen.

Thanks to the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen, 150 new homes are now available to low-income families in Aden, Yemen. This is part of the “Proper Housing” project on which UN-Habitat and Alwaleed Philanthropies are collaborating. The project’s mission is to improve the lives of families in the Aden governorate. Engineer Ali Ahmed, who is the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Roads for the Housing Sector, and others, were at the handing over.

Eng. Ahmed Medkhali, who is the Director of SDRPY in Aden, said that the project was part of Saudi Arabia’s plan to help the people of Yemen rebuild safe homes. The project aims to support the Yemeni government meet a need in that country by building homes for low-income families that are affordable. The project’s main objective is to fix up 600 low-income homes in Aden. This will help more than 4,000 people. According to the UN-Habitat, the houses were built with traditional, eco-friendly building methods and locally sourced materials.

One of the ways in which the SDRPY project has helped to build the capacity of Yemeni workers is through a specialized training program for housing personnel. It offered two-hundred training opportunities in areas like vocational education, solar power, electricity, painting, and photography. With the help of the University of Aden, SDRPY was able to accomplish this goal with the express intent of increasing its capacity.

This project helped 40 engineers improve their skills in areas like advanced geographical information systems, construction project management, and so on. Engineers who worked for the Ministry of Public Works and Roads were also taught project management. Saudi Arabia has been a good ally that has always worked closely with Yemen. Through its different projects, it helps to turn the relief phase into a way to move forward with development.

With the help of the SDRPY, hundreds of projects and programs have been implemented to improve infrastructure, education, health care, energy, and water. This includes both development projects and efforts to make government institutions stronger and increase their capacity. The dedication of SDRPY shows how much Saudi Arabia wants to lead international efforts to stabilize the country and end the war. 

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