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CPX Affiliate to drive business growth in Middle East

UAE, February 28, 2023

CPX Affiliate, a one-of-its-kind affiliate marketing network platform to ever launch in the GCC and a subsidiary of ITCAN, is poised to fuel the growth of businesses across the Middle East through its host of services that streamline operations and boost profitability. The business has established a set of new objectives with a focus on assisting advertisers to connect with a number of top-performing affiliates and performance-based influencers to generate increased traffic.

With the Middle East consolidating its status as a global business hub, a growing number of companies are looking to set up their operations in the region. Due to increased competition brought on by the Middle East’s expanding business landscape, companies are currently seeking marketers to assist them advertise their brand in distinctive ways. Through its various branding and marketing strategies and services, such as web design and development, email marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and mobile app development, CPX aims to empower these companies and drive exponential revenue growth for several emerging brands around the world. The platform is expected to become a crucial tool for companies that seek to succeed in the region’s constantly growing marketplaces.

ITCAN’s comprehensive affiliate marketing platform is designed to be adaptable and customer-friendly and further enables companies to collaborate with a network of affiliates to market their products and services. A number of third-party software and services, such as payment gateways, shipping providers, and marketing tools can be integrated, allowing businesses to customise the affiliate marketing program to their needs and preferences.

Mansour Althani, CEO and Co-founder of ITCAN, said: “Through the CPX platform, we aim to offer companies a suite of cutting-edge solutions for their everyday operations. With the potential to revolutionise Middle Eastern markets, we have designed this platform to assist businesses streamline their operations, minimise expenses, and improve efficiency. We have integrated our expertise and skills in the fields of technology and digital marketing to offer a reliable and efficient option for companies seeking to start or improve their affiliate marketing program. The primary benefit of CPX is its capability to integrate with a variety of third-party software and services, including payment gateways, shipping companies, and marketing tools. The platform additionally offers a variety of business consultancy and support services for companies, which covers educational and training programs, as well as ongoing technical assistance and guidance. With this platform, we are set to empower businesses in the Middle East and across the globe to thrive in the ever-evolving digital world.”

CPX also efficiently meets the needs of its affiliates and offers a customisable pay out mechanism that offers remarkable flexibility. It can create a consistent and expanding stream of income by developing and publishing content across a variety of media channels, including social media, blogs, and other well-known affiliate marketing channels. In the present competitive market, CPX Affiliate seeks to bring the highest quality, high-volume traffic to the brand while ensuring that its affiliates deliver the best through various payout structures. A variety of commission payment choices, including commissions per sale, per lead, per order, and other customised options, are offered by this payout model.

CPX Affiliate empowers the community of affiliate marketers to attain financial freedom by leveraging several innovative technologies. It offers considerable support and assistance to affiliates at every stage of the process, empowering them to successfully interact and influence their audience in ways that result in impressive growth for advertisers and other affiliate marketing networks.

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