April 18, 2024

Crisis and Emergency Management Community Forum enhances cooperation

H.E. Ali Saeed Al Neyadi, Chairman of the National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), said that the organisation of the Crisis and Emergency Management Community Forum, which will be held on 15th February at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre in Abu Dhabi (ADNEC), reflects the importance the UAE places on enhancing cooperation to develop an integrated system that allows anticipating potential risks,  strengthening the national response and raising the readiness of various sectors in the country for effective emergency, crisis and disaster management.

In line with the wise leadership’s vision to provide the highest and best level of safety and security for various sectors and members of society, the relevant authorities have developed appropriate frameworks to deal with the challenges. This has enabled us to achieve many successes that have placed the UAE at the forefront of security and safety in the region and among the top 10 most resilient countries in the world in terms of crisis management.

Furthermore, in tandem with the UAE’s approach of preserving achievements and continuously evolving to keep pace with rapid developments in various fields, the Forum focuses on strengthening national capabilities, enhancing cooperation between different components and identifying foundations and approaches that improve our capabilities and readiness..

H.E. Al Neyadi added: “Investing in human capital is a top priority for the UAE. Our experience in recent years confirms the importance of qualitative investments in capability building and skills. We will continue to focus on training and developing skilled competencies in crisis response and management in order to ensure that the crisis management sector possesses sophisticated, efficient, flexible and ready-to-implement skills to tackle any challenge.

Al Neyadi pointed out that a strategic approach to foresee future risks better enables us to adapt and respond to current and future challenges and threats. The UAE commits to building a solid foundation for emergency, crisis, and disaster management systems by employing modern and advanced technologies to enhance our ability and capabilities to deal proactively, which improves the speed, adequacy, and effectiveness of crisis response.

Al Neyadi emphasised the importance of integrating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, data analytics and the Internet of Things into emergency, crisis and disaster management strategies to keep pace with rapid developments and to explore and invest in advanced technologies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our responses to emergencies, crises and disasters.

“Our keenness to strengthen cooperation at the local, regional and global levels reflects the UAE’s awareness of the importance of exchanging knowledge and coordinating the efforts and initiatives of the various components of emergency, crisis and disaster management at the local and regional levels to enhance our capabilities to respond to emergencies, crises and disasters at various levels,” Al Neyadi said.

He stressed the importance of continuous and comprehensive risk assessment and proactive planning, as well as ensuring regular training and accurate and forward-looking strategic planning in dealing with various potential risks to anticipate and mitigate their impact. He commended the various initiatives that raise awareness of possible risks and appropriate response measures among different parts of society. He also encouraged community members to cooperate and participate with the authorities responsible for emergency, crisis and disaster management to create an integrated environment that helps prevent risks and deal with developments and challenges appropriately and effectively.

Al Neyadi called on the participants of the Forum to make the most of this critical event and discuss the many ways to work together to develop capabilities, further improve national response and enhance the preparedness of the concerned sectors in the field of emergency, crisis and disaster management in the UAE.

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