April 20, 2024

The Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO) Has Unveiled Its New Diplomatic Connect Platform For Digital Diplomacy

The Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO) Has Unveiled Its New Diplomatic Connect Platform For Digital Diplomacy:

The DCO has launched the “Diplomatic Connect” platform. It is a new platform to promote digital diplomacy for member states and international partner organizations. The DCO’s mission is to enable digital prosperity by accelerating the growth of the digital economy. At its first-ever event, the organization welcomed ambassadors from its members and representatives of its partners. At this event, they talked about communication in the digital age and how to get people around the world to work together to build the global digital economy.

DCO Secretary-General Deemah AlYahya officially opened the event, where he spoke about the importance of multilateral, multi-stakeholder collaboration in helping the DCO reach its goal. This goal involves helping member states build prosperous, connected digital economies that will speed up growth and development. With the launch of the new platform, the organization is trying to bridge the gap between digital and diplomatic work. It shows that the organization is committed to supporting long-term digital innovation that is open and collaborative.

Professor Corneliu Bjola, head of the Oxford Digital Diplomacy Research Group, led the discussions that day. It was about how to use digital diplomacy to support digital cooperation and prosperity around the world, as well as its opportunities and challenges.

Bjola stated that digital diplomacy is not a stable thing but rather a radical, changing process that is affected by how technology and power change around the world. Digital technologies have made it possible for diplomatic collaboration, representation, and communication. It has also brought new players and stakeholders and given diplomats new goals and challenges.

More Details About The Digital Cooperation Organisation (DCO)

They established the DCO in November 2020. DCO hopes to bring together the communications and IT departments of 13 countries, which have a GDP of nearly $2 trillion and a market of nearly 600 million people, of whom more than 70% are under 30. The DCO is trying to get people to work together in the digital economy by making it easier for people to share information, experience, and the best ways to do things.


The launch of the Diplomacy Connect platform by the Digital Cooperation Organisation is a significant step toward digital diplomacy for member states and foreign partner organizations. Digital technologies have opened up new ways for diplomats to work together, promote their countries, and communicate. The platform gives room for discussions directly and helpfully. This helps to promote cooperation in the digital economy by sharing knowledge, experience, and best practices. To create a strong and inclusive international digital order, the DCO is committed to encouraging inclusive and collaborative methods for long-term digital innovation. The goal of the launch of the platform is to bridge the gap between digital and diplomatic work. The DCO is promoting strong digital cooperation in bilateral and multilateral settings.

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