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The Prime Minister Highlights UAE Government’s Remarkable Accomplishments Over The Past 17 Years

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The Prime Minister Highlights UAE Government’s Remarkable Accomplishments Over The Past 17 Years:

The Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai praised the accomplishments of the UAE’s Cabinet and the federal government over the past 17 years, highlighting their commitment to continuing the nation’s development path. Notably, since 2006, they have passed numerous pieces of legislation in the social, economic, and service sectors, established public services, and signed international treaties.

Significant UAE Government Accomplishments Made In The Past 17 Years

Reflecting on the past 17 years, Sheikh Mohammed described them as a swift and brilliant period filled with work and accomplishments. Under their leadership, they introduced significant changes to the UAE government, including making 10,000 decisions in 440 meetings and passing over 4,200 laws across all sectors. The government has shifted from a traditional government to one that offers over 1,500 intelligent services, has overcome administrative and financial sluggishness, expanded the budget by over 140%, and emerged as the world’s most efficient government in terms of public spending.

The UAE government has also signed nearly 600 foreign agreements and launched 330 government programs and initiatives to improve the economic climate. Additionally, during this time, their GDP has doubled to reach Dh1,800 billion, and their foreign trade has increased from Dh415 billion to Dh2,200 billion. The UAE has also led the way in the region, with investments of over Dh734 billion.


Sheikh Mohammed also praised the remarkable progress made by the UAE in the space industry over the last decade. In 10 years, the nation has invested over Dh734 billion and established the National Space Fund, with a plan to spend Dh36 billion over the next decade. The UAE’s space industry has been expanding rapidly, hosting more than 50 foreign and growing space enterprises and institutions. Moreover, the nation has already launched 19 satellites into orbit and has 10 additional spacecraft in development. These efforts have yielded impressive results. In February 2021, the UAE became the first Arab nation to reach Mars, a significant achievement for the country’s space industry. Later this month, Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi will make history by doing the first spacewalk by an Arab.


In an effort to improve the economic situation, Sheikh Mohammed, who is also Vice President, shared that the administration has implemented 330 programs and initiatives. He further highlighted that the UAE government has been successful in several cabinet reshuffles involving more than 66 ministers to encourage youths to take on responsibilities. This has led to the government becoming the most effective in terms of public spending in the world. The government has also made significant investments in social development programs, with over Dh110 billion in overall government investment. Additionally, the government has contributed more than Dh50 billion to citizen housing and about Dh160 billion to education, demonstrating its commitment to the betterment of society.


The UAE government has been making strides in preparing the nation for the future by emphasizing innovation and sustainability. Their efforts have been focused on the next 50 years, starting with unveiling their 2008-2010 strategy in April 2007. A year later, they introduced the UAE leadership program, which has since graduated over a thousand leaders in the span of ten years. Much recently, in 2020, the UAE’s focus on long-term planning resulted in the launch of a new framework for government action, coinciding with their hosting of Expo 2020 Dubai. The following year, in 2021, they launched the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements and introduced the “We the UAE 2031” vision, focusing on social, economic, investment, and development elements.


Over the last 17 years, the UAE government has greatly developed, serving as a model for other countries worldwide. The country has witnessed substantial shifts in several areas, including the economy, space, and social development, which have played an essential role in fostering innovation and sustainability. The government’s determination to realize its goal for 2031 and plan for the following 50 years is admirable.

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