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Discover Europe Treasures meets regional spices traders as it debuts in U.A.E. to spice up local cuisine

An exclusive promotion to showcase the use and benefits of European products, Krokos Kozanis PDO and Magiun de prune Topoloveni PGI – two of the most sought-after European spices, was announced to take place from December 15th to December 25th at several supermarkets in Dubai Emirate.

The European Union is a key partner for U.A.E in the field of trade and economic relations.

Krokos Kozanis PDO and Magiun de prune Topoloveni PGI are two of the most beloved European products. They are luxurious, delicious, and great for gift-giving.

Krokos Kozanis PDO is the world’s most expensive spice, is the dried red stigmas of the autumn-flowering crocus. Saffron, it is known for its properties as a dye as for its unique and distinctively pungent, sweet flavor and aroma.

Magiun de prune Topoloveni PGI is a concentrated paste made of fresh, homogeneous, viscous, easily spreadable plums, which is used in the diet of people of all ages – from the age of six months (when the diet diversification begins), to diabetics, because has a low glycemic index.

Consumers tasted them both at the following supermarkets throughout December:

1Near Me Mini MartShop G2B, Cluster L Icone 2 Tower, JLT19/Dec/2225/Dec/2210:00 – 18:00
2Near Me Mini MartShop G14, Cluster L preathoni tower, JLT19/Dec/2225/Dec/2210:00 – 18:00
3Fresh Deals Supermarket DMCCV3 – Cluster V – JLT19/Dec/2224/Dec/2210:00 – 18:00
4Manila Mart dmccFortune executive tower cluster-T JLT19/Dec/2224/Dec/2210:00 – 18:00
5Sarve Mini Mart Dmccone Lake plaza cluster-T  JLT19/Dec/2224/Dec/2210:00 – 18:00
6Joudi minimart dmccbusinesses bay X1 tower. Cluster- X JLT19/Dec/2224/Dec/2210:00 – 18:00
7Edelweiss Indian SupermarketCluster H, JLT19/Dec/2224/Dec/2210:00 – 18:00
8Faaz SupermarketNear Al Futtaim Masjid, Deira15/Dec/2220/Dec/2210:00 – 18:00
9Faaz SupermarketMeena Bazar,Bur Dubai15/Dec/2220/Dec/2210:00 – 18:00
10AZCO SupermarketBehind Musallah Tower, Bur Dubai15/Dec/2220/Dec/2210:00 – 18:00

The European financed campaign “Discover European Treasures” aims to promote the high-quality European products, with the strictest quality and food safety standards, and reach as many consumers as possible to increase the product awareness and offer them the opportunity to savor their exceptional taste.

For those who would like to meet our products and our personnel visit our website: https://www.europeantreasures.eu/index.php/en/

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eutreasures and

Instagram  https://www.instagram.com/eutreasures/

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