May 28, 2024

Do you know the US is the #1 country for migrants since 1970?

India had the most people living abroad in 2020

According to the UN’s latest data published in the latest World Migration Report 2022, the United States has been the number one country for migrants from across the globe since 1970.

The report confirms that the number of foreign-born people in the continental United States has increased more than fourfold, from fewer than 12 million in 1970 to more than 50 million in 2020.

The biggest groups of US migrants were from Mexico (10,853,105), India (2,723,764), China (2,184,110), the Philippines (2,061,178) and El Salvador (1,410,659).

Germany also attracts

The infographic below concisely indicates that Germany  ranks second in classifying countries with the most international migrants.

Germany, too, has seen migrant numbers shoot up in recent years, with nearly double the number of people who were born abroad residing there between 2000 and 2020 – from 8.9 million to 16 million.

Infographic: Statista

In 2020, Germany’s biggest groups of people born elsewhere were from Poland (2,141,722), Turkey (1,837,282), Russia (1,198,831), Kazakhstan (1,128,201) and Syria (707,457).

Saudi Arabia rounds up the top three positions in 2020, with 13.5 million recorded international migrants in 2020, rising from rank eight in 2000 when it had 5.3 million.

The biggest groups in Saudi Arabia hail from India (2,502,337), Indonesia (1,709,318) and Pakistan (1,483,737).

Oil-rich Saudi Arabia attracts many of its international migrant community for its job opportunities and comparatively higher salaries than those in the destination countries, reports Anna Fleck of Statista.

India has the world’s biggest diaspora

Separately, India had the most people living abroad of any country worldwide in 2020, according to the World Migration Report 2022.

As per the 2022 report, a little under 17.9 million born in the Asian country lived overseas as of the mid-year.

Mexico and Russia, also large countries with vast populations, came in second and third place in 2020, with 11.2 million and 10.8 million living abroad, respectively.

Infographic: Statista

The infographic, ‘India Has the World’s Biggest Diaspora’, shows how India overtook Mexico and Russia between 2000 and 2020, with an incredible 10 million more Indians living abroad than 20 years ago.

UAE favoured

According to the World Migration Report 2022, in terms of the countries that Indians are relocating to, the nearby Arabian Gulf countries rank particularly highly, with the UAE the favoured location (3,471,300 recorded Indian migrants in 2020) and Saudi Arabia placing third (2,502,337).

This is mainly due to job prospects there. However, the United States also continued to attract millions of people, ranking second (2,723,764).

There were 281 million international migrants recorded worldwide in 2020, up from 173 million in 2000 and 221 million in 2010.

The 2020 figure equated to a world average of roughly 3.6% of people living outside of their country of origin, Statista’s Anna Fleck noted.

Featured image: The US attracted the most significant number of migrants from Mexico, India, China, the Philippines, and El Salvador in 2020. Image Jason Leung

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