February 26, 2024

Dubai Approves Municipality Restructuring to Create Dh10 Billion Economic Opportunities

Dubai Approves Municipality Restructuring to Create Dh10 Billion Economic Opportunities :

Dubai Approves Municipality Restructuring to Create Dh10 Billion Economic Opportunities

The Crown Prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, recently approved the restructuring of the Dubai Municipality based on a directive from the Prime Minister of UAE. The Dubai government announced the approval through a tweet on the Crown Prince’s official Twitter handle.

Details on the Restructuring

The Dubai government created the Dubai Municipality decades ago to oversee the functions across strategic sectors in the Dubai economy. Since its establishment, the Dubai Municipality has become one of the largest governing agencies in the United Arab Emirates, with over 34 departments and 11,000 employees.

According to the Crown Prince’s tweet, two sectors and four agencies have been added to the Municipality’s management activities. The launch of new sectors and agencies transforms the hierarchy of the Dubai Municipality. Currently, the authority flows from the Municipality’s Director-General to the CEOs of both sectors and finally to the Acting CEOs of the four agencies.

The Dubai government added the Corporate Support Services and Planning and Governance sectors. Both sectors are headed by Wesam Lootah and Nasser BuShehab, respectively. On the other hand, the added agencies include Waste and Sewerage, Health and Safety, Buildings Regulation and Permits, and Public Facilities. The Waste and Sewerage agency is expected to manage Dubai’s sewage system, implement waste management strategies, and launch sewerage projects. The Dubai government has named the Acting CEO of this agency Adel Al Marzooqi.

The Environment Health and Safety Agency is responsible for increasing food security in Dubai, improving environmental sustainability, and developing standards for food safety. The Crown Prince announced Alia Al Harmoodi as the Acting CEO of the agency. The third agency is the Buildings Regulation and Permits Agency, with Mariam Al Muhairi as its Acting CEO. The agency is expected to deploy Geographical Information Systems across Dubai and regulate building codes. The last agency, the Public Facilities Agency, has Bader Anwahi as its CEO. The agency will undertake functions like developing public parks and improving the aesthetics of Dubai.

The Crown Prince of Dubai stated that this restructuring aims to improve the quality of living in Dubai, strengthen strategic sectors like tourism, promote financial sustainability, and enhance innovativeness within the Emirate. More importantly, the Dubai government projects that the restructuring will create economic opportunities worth Dh10 billion in Dubai.

Notably, the Municipality restructuring is one of Dubai’s ambitious plans to enhance its economic growth. The Emirate also recently launched a metaverse strategy to position its territory as a global hub for emerging technologies. All these plans are aimed at a larger goal of increasing Dubai’s resilience and preparing its economy for the future.


As Dubai continues to implement efforts directed at enhancing its economic strength, the Emirate will expectedly implement more policies. These efforts set the pace for other Middle Eastern countries that seek to establish their territories as top economies.

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