March 5, 2024
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Dubai-based UBQT app launches to connect people face-to-face

App reduces digital time and maximises physical interactions

UBQT – an innovative and alternative social networking app-based platform – has launched in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, promising to bring back the essence of genuine human connections in an era dominated by constant digital interactions.

UBQT is the brainchild of Dubai-based serial entrepreneurs Jonathan Hasson and Lara Varjabedian, who conceived the platform to help people connect in the physical space, whether globally or locally.

Unlike the plethora of social media platforms that currently saturate the digital space, UBQT focuses on facilitating real-world connections among people.

Personal experience

The inspiration behind the innovative platform stems from Hasson and Varjabedian’s journey of reconnection after decades of unintentional detachment from each other. As global citizens who unintentionally crossed paths multiple times, it took a chance encounter through a mutual friend for both Hasson and Varjabedian to realise they were both residing in the same city – Dubai!

(L-R) Lara Varjabedian and Jonathan Hasson are serial entrepreneurs. Image: UBQT

Considering their own experience, the creators of UBQT recognised the struggle of maintaining connections amid busy schedules and the overwhelming digital noise. The location-based platform aims to bridge this gap by providing a simple yet effective solution: enabling users to schedule meetups effortlessly.

Whether travelling across the globe or simply wanting to grab a coffee with an old friend in the same city, UBQT facilitates seamless coordination through calendar invites.

UAE origin

Hasson notes: “We are very proud to officially announce the availability of our platform, made in the UAE, which has a straightforward goal: to help people spend less time in the digital world and instead use that precious time to catch up in the physical world.

“We are incredibly connected digitally, yet so disconnected humanly. Lara and I sat down to think about how to truly bring back value to human connections and optimise everyone’s time by helping to organise catch-ups with people we have lost contact with or are unaware that they might be passing around the same location at the same time; UBQT was born.”

UBQT facilitates seamless coordination through calendar invites. Composite image: UBQT

UBQT’s uniqueness lies in its focus on quality connections. Users have the autonomy to define the scope of their private network, connecting with individuals of their choice. The platform intentionally eschews direct messages and content sharing, aiming to streamline the experience towards keeping users informed about travel schedules and availability.

A status-sharing feature sets UBQT apart from other social media platforms. Users can effortlessly announce planned trips to specific countries or cities, signalling potential opportunities for coffee, lunch, or dinner meetups. This streamlined process allows contacts to send calendar invites and secure catch-ups directly, enhancing efficiency and ensuring meaningful interactions.

Unique platform

In a deliberate move to avoid overwhelming users, UBQT purposely limits extraneous possibilities within the app. The result is a platform that remains true to its mission—reconnecting people without the distractions and complexities often associated with conventional social media.

Hasson adds: “Our philosophy is: Less screentime and more lifetime with a social detox.”

UBQT has indeed emerged as a much-needed social interaction solution that allows users to spend less time in the virtual realm and more time creating tangible memories in the physical world.

The English-language UBQT app (31.2MB) is free to download and use (App Store and Google Play). The promoters of the app intend to launch an enhanced version with a premium subscription soon.

Featured image: The alternative social networking platform was conceived in Dubai. Image: UBQT

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