February 26, 2024

In Dubai, self-driving robots deliver around 100 food orders to people’s homes every week. At a summit in Barcelona, Spain, global transport bosses got to see one of the delivery bots.

During the exhibition, dignitaries learned about how the compact vehicles of the Road and Transport Authority operate on roads. These vehicles are responsible for delivering orders from Dubai malls to homes in pilot areas.

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The Success of Self-Driving Robots in Dubai’s Pilot Areas

In February, a trial period of three months took place, and it was successful. As a result, the robots are now providing regular service in specific communities. According to Sergei Kirillov from Self Driving Group, the team behind the vehicle’s robotics intends to broaden the project’s scope to encompass additional regions.

Mr. Kirillov added that bringing more vendors on board is the next step. He said they currently make 100 deliveries per week and want to expand more. He further expressed that robots are ideal for delivering packages in remote locations where human couriers may not be willing to travel for just one delivery.

At the Barcelona summit, where industry leaders were discussing the future of self-driving transportation, the A-307 robot was visible, roaming the halls.

Based on the trial’s data, the Dubai robot operated independently 97% of the time.

If necessary, a team can be sent in to repair the malfunctioning robot, but it hasn’t been necessary.

Robots similar to the ones in Dubai are now in operation in the United States, South Korea, and Israel.

Mr. Kirillov also added that the device could operate on pavements and successfully manage numerous road crossings on a daily basis while navigating around cars and motorcycles.

He further stated that the system was very advanced because it was made to control self-driving cars going fast on roads. They put this system into a smaller body, which made the robot the most advanced transport robot on the market. At the summit, the Dubai transport bosses shared their goal to have only buses that produce no emissions by the year 2050. Also, they plan to introduce flying taxis to the city in 2026.

Mattar Al Tayer, who is the head of the RTA and its director general, agreed with Dubai’s goal of becoming the best place in the world for transportation that is both safe and good for the environment. During the summit’s opening ceremony, he urged the guests to work together more to build a cleaner, safer, and more stable future for themselves and future generations.


Dubai is attracting attention for its self-driving robots that can deliver food orders to homes in an efficient manner. The trial period was successful, resulting in the expansion of regular service in certain communities. The project’s goal is to encompass additional regions. The robots are ideal for delivering packages to remote locations and can help bring more vendors on board.

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