June 26, 2024

First Championship In The US: Saudi Robotics Teams Impress Crowds

First Championship In The US: Saudi Robotics Teams Impress Crowds:

Saudi robotics team achieved global recognition at a highly esteemed robotics competition in Houston, US. The George R. Brown Convention Center in Texas hosted the 2023 FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Championship from April 19-22.

FIRST Championship: Recognizing Creativity And Talent

974 students from 59 countries participated in FIRST programs, which included the LEGO League, Tech Challenge, and Robotics Competition. They all competed and exhibited their work. Honors were awarded to teams for their excellence in design, competitive play, research, business plans, creativity, and teamwork.

Four teams represented Saudi Arabia this year. QPS_Saudi, from Jeddah, participated in the FTC Challenge category. The Emerald League, a team based in Riyadh, participated in the FLL Challenge category. In the FLL Explorer category, Saudi Maker-Jr, supervised by the (RCJY)- Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, was the third team to compete. The Vision Innovators from Riyadh and Tabuk participated in the FTC Challenge category as the final team.

This year, Saudi Arabia participated in the FTC Challenge for the first time and achieved their best results. They showcased impressive skills and creativity during the event. The team from the Kingdom, known as Saudi Makers, achieved a significant milestone by winning the coding award in the FLL Explorer category and ranking for the first time in the FTC category. This is a great accomplishment for both the team and the Kingdom.

The CEO of the Saudi Federation for Robotics and RC Sports, Dr. Aiman Al-Barakati, stated that the Kingdom’s involvement in the FIRST Championship demonstrated its dedication to fostering young talent in science and technology. He added that Saudi Arabia aims to inspire a new generation of young leaders who will shape the future of the country’s advancement in technology through events like this.

He said that they are proud of how well their national teams performed in this year’s FIRST Championship. Their dedication and hard work in developing their technical and analytical skills have led to their success. He added that Saudi Arabia’s participation was in accordance with its Vision 2030 program.

Saudi Arabia aims to enhance its workforce’s skills and lead the country’s technological transformation and economic growth by investing in STEM education and fostering a culture of innovation.

Al-Barakati shared that Saudi Arabia’s success at the FIRST Championship shows that the country has the potential to become a world leader in robotics and technology. According to her, Saudi youth’s involvement in these events provides an opportunity to connect and share ideas with students and professionals from various countries, which supports the country’s goal of becoming a center for innovation and entrepreneurship.


FIRST is a non-profit organization that motivates young individuals to become leaders in the fields of science and technology. Teams are challenged to construct robots that can perform specific tasks in a variety of age categories in the competition. In a historic achievement, Saudi robotics teams made a lasting impression at the renowned 2023 FIRST Championship.

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