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A Saudi Designer Drives Sustainable Fashion With 3D Technology

Sustainable Fashion

A Saudi Designer Drives Sustainable Fashion With 3D Technology:

Ghaydaa Majdaly, a fashion designer from Saudi Arabia, is utilizing 3D Technology to create and produce clothing. This approach is not only conserving resources but also promoting sustainability in the country.

Majdaly faced challenges in her daily life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she channeled her creativity toward exploring sustainable fashion. During the pandemic, when all the shops were closed, she wondered where she would get fabrics and materials if she wanted to make a collection.

Fashion Forward and Eco-Conscious With 3D Technology

She created her initial sustainable fashion item using plastic water bottles, as they harm the environment. She achieved this by processing the bottles using a machine to create eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics.

Majdaly recognized the significance of sustainability in the fashion industry and started acquiring knowledge on creating fabrics through 3D Technology. In addition, she creates new fashion pieces by reusing fabrics.

Fashion designers are adopting a new approach to their products, pattern making, and fittings with the help of 3D software programs. These programs have simplified the design process, improved product quality, and reduced the environmental impact of fashion design.

It is possible to 3D create fabrics using a 3D machine and filaments. Maidaly mentioned having multiple colored filaments and attributed her success to the programs she utilizes when operating the 3D printer to create 3D textiles.

Creating photorealistic versions of clothing, handbags, and accessories using Technology while also addressing sustainability is a challenging task that varies from designer to designer. Majdaly shared that esigning a piece using 3D Technology requires time.

Creating anything with 3D Technology is a time-consuming process. She said it could take up to three hours to make a small, square piece, and the more details there are, the longer it takes. Majdaly thinks that the area where 3D Technology and sustainable fashion meet is a big, complicated one that is worth keeping an eye on. She wants everyone in the fashion industry to stay updated on the changes in this field.

She praised the Saudi Fashion Commission for its work to make the fashion industry more eco-friendly. At the commission’s most recent workshop, models of fabrics that are eco-friendly were on display. She said that Saudi fashion makers should have access to more eco-friendly fabrics to make sustainable clothes.

Ghydaa Majdaly is the fashion brand owner, consultant, and trainer. She released a fashion sketchbook this year with the aim of motivating and guiding upcoming fashion designers in the Kingdom.


Ghaydaa Majdaly, a Saudi fashion designer, is making significant strides in promoting sustainable fashion through the use of 3D Technology. Majdaly is paving the way for a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry in the Kingdom and around the world with her hard work and enthusiasm.

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