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UAE Introduces New Green Education Strategy For Schools To Enhance Efforts Against Climate Change


UAE Introduces New Green Education Strategy For Schools To Enhance Efforts Against Climate Change:

By establishing a worldwide eco-education program, the UAE is making a huge contribution to educating the next generation about the value of conserving our planet. The Green Education Partnership program, announced by the Ministry of Education, incorporates partnerships with UNESCO and UNICEF. Its main goal is to give schools in the UAE a national framework to encourage young people to learn about climate change and take action.

The government intends to train 2,800 teachers and 1,400 principals in order to meet this objective. Prior to the upcoming Cop28 summit in Dubai, they want to make sure that half of all schools and campuses in the nation have received “Green Accreditation.” The project’s ultimate goal is to provide students of all ages with the knowledge they need to influence people’s views about environmental concerns for the better.

Minister of Education, Ahmad Al Falasi, announced this initiative and emphasized that Cop28 would serve as a roadmap for leveraging education in the pursuit of sustainable development goals and combating climate change. The speaker stressed how important it is for people to take action to make changes that matter and how important education is for changing people’s views and actions toward the environment, both now and in the future.

The upcoming UN Cop28 summit, which will hold in the UAE from the 30th of November to the 12th of December, will allow countries to work together to bring green education into schools, both locally and nationally.

Details On The Eco-Education Strategy

The Ministry’s plan is based on four main ideas: greening schools, greening learning, greening skills, and greening communities. Each theme has a certain goal to reach. Greening Schools, for example, wants to give schools and colleges a plan for becoming more eco-friendly and reducing their impact on the environment while promoting sustainable practices among students and the general public. The Ministry wants more than 70 eco-friendly campuses and ‘Green Accredited’ status for 50 percent of UAE schools by the end of the year.

Under the Greening Learning program, the Ministry plans to make guides for extracurricular activities that focus on sustainability. The focus of these manuals will be on knowledge, skills, and values. Since 2019, the Ministry of Education has been working with the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena) to build a framework for all levels of education that teaches about sustainable development.

Under the Greening Capacities program, each school will have expert trainers to train teachers. In partnership with Unicef, they have created a program to provide training to 1,400 principals and 2,800 teachers in schools throughout the UAE. Unicef will provide five days of in-person training to at least one master trainer in each school to implement the framework. Additionally, the master trainer will receive 30 hours of online, self-paced training on climate education.

As part of the Greening Communities program, the Ministry of Education is working with UNESCO to make a model for how schools and universities can work together to make communities more sustainable. Each emirate’s schools and colleges will work to promote sustainable development.


The goal of the eco-education program is to educate the next generation about environmental protection. The program aims to support eco-friendly practices, knowledge and skills, and community involvement in making a greener future.

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