Dubai races to set up the world’s largest car market
July 18, 2024
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Dubai races to set up the world’s largest car market

DP World to operate the mega project

DP World, a global leader in end-to-end supply chain logistics, will establish and operate the new Dubai Car Market. It is set to be the world’s largest and most advanced car trade facility, offering various commercial services, logistical support, and financial solutions tailored to the international automotive sector.

The initiative, newly announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, is a strategic masterstroke. It seeks to reinforce Dubai’s stature in the global automotive trade sector, marking a significant leap forward in the emirate’s economic landscape.

The initiative, closely aligned with Dubai’s Economic Agenda D33, is a strategic move to enhance innovation and trade. This alignment, a testament to Dubai’s foresight and planning, aims to propel the emirate into the ranks of the world’s top urban economies by 2033.

With its extensive logistical expertise and a global network spanning over 430 business units across 86 nations, DP World is the ideal partner for this ambitious venture. DP World will collaborate with the Dubai Municipality to construct and manage the Dubai Car Market project.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid stated: “We have commissioned DP World to expand the Dubai Car Market, creating a 20-million-square-feet facility that will stand as the largest and most advanced globally. This development will integrate seamlessly with DP World’s network of 77 ports worldwide, amplifying its capabilities and bolstering trade.”

Significant expansion

The project is set to undergo a monumental expansion, increasing from its current market area of 2.8 million square feet to a massive 20 million square feet. This significant growth underscores the ambitious nature of the Dubai Car Market.

Several macroeconomic factors underpin the robust growth of the UAE’s car market. Credit: Arnold Pinto

The project is not just about expansion but also about cultivating an investment-friendly environment conducive to sustainable growth. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid affirmed: “Through initiatives like Dubai Car Market, we are committed to nurturing an integrated economic landscape that drives sustainable economic expansion.”

The Dubai Car Market partnership between DP World and Dubai Municipality underscores a collective commitment to bolster Dubai’s reputation as a centre of innovation and global trade excellence in the automotive industry.

DP World’s expertise in developing and managing integrated economic zones will provide cutting-edge infrastructure and comprehensive business solutions, including advanced logistical services, e-commerce platforms, and financial instruments.

Dawood Al Hajri, Director-General of Dubai Municipality, hailed the partnership as a pivotal step towards realising Dubai’s vision for pioneering the world’s largest and most advanced car market.

He noted: “This initiative underscores our dedication to delivering best-in-class services that meet the demands of investors and traders, reinforcing Dubai’s status as a premier global investment destination in the automotive sector.”

Economy boost

The Dubai Car Market project is set to expand infrastructure and integrated services significantly, thus boosting Dubai’s non-oil economy and fostering sustainable development.

Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, Group Chairman and CEO of DP World, stated: “We are committed to leveraging our expertise to establish Dubai as a preeminent destination in the automotive trade sector, providing state-of-the-art logistical and technological solutions.”

The Dubai Car Market is envisioned as a premier venue for global events. Credit: Dubai Media Office

Bin Sulayem emphasised that the expanded market will cater to current operational needs and facilitate the doubling of sales figures by offering innovative government and banking services interconnected with global markets.

Moreover, the Dubai Car Market is envisioned as a premier venue for international conferences and specialised events, solidifying Dubai’s position as a pivotal player in the global economy.

UAE country focus

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is witnessing remarkable growth and evolution in its car market, driven by distinct consumer preferences, emerging trends, local dynamics, and underlying economic factors.

Customers in the UAE generally exhibit a strong inclination towards luxury and high-end cars, primarily influenced by the country’s high per capita income and a desire to project affluence and status. Comfort, safety features, and advanced technologies rank high on their vehicle choice criteria. Moreover, there is a growing emphasis on fuel efficiency and environmental considerations among consumers.

The growing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles is an escalating trend in the UAE’s car market. Government initiatives to promote sustainable transportation and curb carbon emissions propel this shift.

Incentives such as registration fee exemptions and access to free charging stations have stimulated consumer interest in eco-friendly models. Consequently, car manufacturers are increasingly introducing electric and hybrid options to cater to this expanding segment.

Notable trend

Another notable trend is the rise of car-sharing and ride-hailing services, which have gained popularity, particularly in urban centres. These services offer a convenient and cost-effective alternative to car ownership, especially to the younger demographic keen on flexibility and affordability.

The proliferation of such services is anticipated to grow as companies diversify their offerings and expand operations across the UAE.

The UAE’s significant expatriate population uniquely shapes the passenger car market. Many expatriates opt to purchase cars during their tenure in the country, contributing substantially to market demand. Additionally, the country’s hot climate necessitates robust vehicle air conditioning systems, a critical consideration for consumers when selecting a car model.

Several macroeconomic factors underpin the robust growth of the UAE’s car market. The country enjoys a stable and prosperous economy bolstered by high levels of disposable income and an expanding middle class. This economic strength enhances consumers’ purchasing power, enabling them to afford luxury vehicles and embrace new automotive technologies.

Furthermore, the UAE government’s strategic efforts to diversify the economy away from oil dependence have spurred investments in infrastructure and transportation.

This proactive approach has further stimulated the demand for passenger cars, as improved transportation networks and facilities increase accessibility and convenience for commuters and residents alike.

Featured image: A CGI of the 20-million-square-foot Dubai Car Market facility. Credit: Dubai Media Office

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