May 21, 2024

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority Introduces Digital Experience Lab To Boost Quality Of Customer Service

The comprehensive Digital Experience Lab, a program launched by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), aims to raise the standard of customer service delivered through digital channels. It also hopes to enhance employees’ interaction with digital systems by involving the appropriate personnel in the design stages of digital services. Mattar Al Tayer, the D.G. and Chairman of the RTA Board of Executive Directors said that the facility’s goal is to offer services that meet customers’ expectations for proactive and all-around experiences.

A Closer Look at Dubai’s RTA Transportation Innovation: The Digital Experience Lab

A statement from the RTA stated that the lab is one of the first projects the Dubai government launched. They know that improving and standardizing the experience across multiple digital channels will help improve the quality and design of their services from the customer’s point of view. Also, it will increase the adoption of digital services, raise the customer happiness index, and provide the trained workers and equipment needed to run the lab.

Mohammed Yousef Al Mudharreb, who is the CEO of the corporate technology support services sector, explained how it works by saying that the lab would have a variety of tools, software, and gadgets that let operators learn about users’ behavior so they can improve and fine-tune experiences. With the help of eye-tracking devices and CCTV cameras, they will record how the user interacts with the service. They use this information to make “heat maps” that show where the user is paying attention and where they are not. Thus, he continued, it allows for the examination of strengths and shortcomings, enabling targeted service changes based on client reactions and attitudes. The lab also has an observation area where they can hold focus groups on service delivery as they run tests.

Al Mudharreb noted that they fitted the space with screens that track how customers behave and interact with the service on digital platforms. He added that the digital platform is a new way to think about how the user experience should be designed. It emphasizes involving internal (employee) as well as external (customer) customers during various service design phases. Key ongoing projects, including the RTA app, intelligent kiosks, and dashboards for decision-makers, have made use of the lab.

According to Al Tayer, The Lab also represents the directives given by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to make Dubai possibly the smartest city in the world. This entails providing customers with complete, linked, and proactive digital experiences in order to achieve optimum satisfaction with Dubai’s RTA services. This initiative is consistent with the Services 360 Policy, which aims to deliver seamless and innovative services across all digital platforms in order to meet customer expectations.


With the aim of enhancing customer service and the design and delivery of digital services, Dubai’s RTA recently unveiled the comprehensive digital experience lab. The lab aims to facilitate the ability of individuals to use digital services, increase customers’ happiness, and provide the qualified workers and equipment they need. They will accomplish this by getting employees involved in the design stages of digital services and by improving and standardizing the experience across many digital channels.

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