May 20, 2024

Saudi Arabia Presents Its Water Strategy During A High-level United Nations Conference

Saudi Arabia Presents Its Water Strategy During a High-level United Nations Conference:

Abdulaziz Al-Shaibani, the Deputy Minister for Water Affairs at the Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture, stated that Saudi Arabia is setting the standard for unconventional water supply through desalination. He discussed Saudi Arabia’s water strategy at the first UN water conference in a generation, which Tajikistan and the Netherlands held in New York.

Saudi Arabia’s Innovative Approach to Water Shortage

Water shortages are becoming more of a problem worldwide, especially in the Arab world. At the conference, Saudi officials stated that they were confident that their country was on the right track to achieve the global goal of clean water for everyone. They also added that Saudi Arabia’s water strategy aims to provide everyone with clean, affordable drinking water. The Kingdom hopes to achieve this by finding creative ways to recycle and manage water resources in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

In 2015, the UN General Assembly set up a set of 17 global goals called the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help everyone create a better and more stable future. The conference organizers hope the event will be a wake-up call to motivate and inspire the UN system, member states, and other stakeholders. They want to get them to act because global progress on water-related goals is still off track, which puts the entire sustainable development agenda at risk.

Al-Shaibani said at the conference on Thursday that the water sector is important to the growth of the economy as a whole and is a key hub for other economic goals. He also added that Saudi Vision 2030, the Kingdom’s ambitious development plan, was made as part of the country’s efforts to build a more sustainable economy in line with the UN’s sustainability goals. They hope it will pave the way for a better future by enhancing economic diversity, reducing the state’s reliance on oil, and making the public sector more dynamic, flexible, and sustainable.

Riyadh developed the “National Water Strategy 2030” in 2018 due to the Kingdom’s limited natural freshwater supplies and increased water demand. Al-Shaibani said that they created it on the idea of integrated water resources management, which aims to reorganize the water sector to make it more sustainable and effective. He went on to say that the Kingdom wants to do this through many projects and efforts, such as making irrigation work better and making desalination work sustainably. The creation and adoption of the water law and integrated water planning are some of the other initiatives they hope to accomplish.


The Kingdom is making great efforts to help solve the world’s water shortage problem. The goal of Saudi Arabia’s Water Strategy is to ensure that everyone has access to cheap, safe drinking water and that the methods used have little impact on the environment.

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