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Emerging filmmaker & two scientists create AI cutting-edge technology

London, United Kingdom – Switzerland, Basel, 6 February 2023:

On the heels of a successful debut into the world of filmmaking, an emerging filmmaker Ahmad Alhamoud, known professionally as “Hima”, has recently announced a novel venture under the umbrella of his company “Tenet Ai Production” with Dr Ahmad Kaky “Aljaaf”, a scientist in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at John Moores University.

The dynamic duo has joined forces to create cutting-edge technology to revolutionise the cinematic frame. Dr Ahmed’s expertise in AI and machine learning has been invaluable in comprehending the complexities of how this technology could be used to develop genuinely cutting-edge cinematic experiences.

He said that while the applications of AI in the filmmaking industry are still in the early stages, they have a vast potential to change the industry. Injecting AI applications into filmmaking can change the game in many ways.

Abdo Sukari, a scientist specialising in innovation and development based in Switzerland, embarked on the venture to add a unique collaboration that combines the filmmaker’s creative ideas with the scientist’s technical insight.

Abdo Sukari has clarified that they intend to revolutionise screenwriting and filmmaking concepts using several patents. “I’m assertive we can develop something that will revolutionise how we think about the cinematic experience. I am confident that we are at the sill of a new era in the cinema industry. The combination of multidisciplinary expertise film techniques, AI and innovation development will birth a unique and first-of-a-kind concept,” he said.

The project idea has taken “Hima” into years of consulting with various outside advisers. Finally, he insisted on building on documented research and scientific papers in neuroscience, experimental psychology, and linguistic theories from prestigious universities and institutes such as MIT, Stanford, and several universities worldwide, laying the groundwork for constructing artificial neural networks in a two-year time frame.

Commenting on this, “Hima” expressed his pride in this advancement, highlighting the significance of using AI in the filmmaking industry and the impact this technology will have on the audience, allowing them to have conscious experiences that speak to their subconscious.

“I design algorithms for locating hidden configurations in cinematic data sets, sourcing from social media, text mining, and dialogue analytics to visual storytelling, and using a combination of machine learning models and deep learning,” he said.

He continued: “The ultimate goals of this technology are to build cutting-edge technology that will create a distinct cinematic experience known as the “Hima Cinematic Universe”, unlike anything we’ve experienced before, ferociously entertaining. My second goal is to help Hollywood professionals, directors, cinematographers, and editors push cinema boundaries as we prepare to open a new lab in Los Angeles over the coming two years. We are working on several patents investing in AI in the film industry. “

“For me, each movie scene has its algorithm that stands solidly for the entire film; this technology will create a persistent rhythm for the unique dimensions of my scripts,” he added.

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