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MBRF’s ‘Bil Arabi’ initiative joins forces with entities

February 06, 2023- The ‘Bil Arabi’ initiative of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) has forged several strategic alliances with various entities including Dubai Airports, Dubai Media Incorporated, Al Ain News, Al Khaleej Newspaper, Ten TV, and Weyyak Platform, to promote and advance the use of Arabic language on various social media platforms among native and non-native speakers. The initiative was launched by the Foundation in 2013, with the goal of changing the norm of Arabic language usage, emphasizing its significance in multiple fields, and consolidating its position as a universal language.

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of the MBRF, stated that ‘Bil Arabi’ is successfully moving forward in its 10th consecutive year, to advance the use as well as the role of the Arabic language as one of the oldest living languages. For this purpose, a variety of activities, workshops and panel sessions are being launched under this initiative, focusing on both Arabic and non-Arabic speakers. H.E. further noted that the Foundation strives to enhance the role of the language, pointing out the UAE’s efforts in elevating the status of the Arabic language. In addition, he expressed gratitude towards its partner entities, especially government agencies and institutions across sectors at the local and regional levels, for constantly supporting the initiative, owing to which numerous activities are increasingly being held under the ‘Bil Arabi’ umbrella.

His Excellency Mohammed Al Mulla, CEO of Dubai Media Incorporated (DMI), asserted that the DMI supports the ‘Bil Arabi’ initiative and aims to achieve its goals together with the MBRF. He stated that the DMI is committed to forming partnerships to support, encourage, and advance various knowledge initiatives at the national level. He also said that by supporting the initiative, the DMI aims to achieve its shared goals with the initiative, which include fostering the use of Arabic and its vocabulary in daily life and strengthening its presence across digital platforms. By doing so, it aims to consolidate the position of Arabic as a global language and demonstrate its efficiency in keeping pace with various advancements.

Al Mulla further stated that the DMI promotes this initiative through a variety of channels, publications, and digital platforms. He added that this comes as part of its vision, national strategy, and position as a key partner to all national institutions, to encourage several such significant initiatives, address various national and societal concerns, and cement civilized values and knowledge pillars to promote progress.

His Excellency Majed Al Joker, Chief Operating Officer of Dubai Airports, said: “We are extremely pleased to be part of the ‘Bil Arabi’ initiative as a significant partner to achieve its goals of advancing the Arabic language usage. We recognize that this initiative is one of the important knowledge initiatives that aims at strengthening the presence of the Arabic language across various digital platforms. We are therefore committed to supporting this initiative and helping achieve its objectives, in line with our vision to encourage national initiatives and achieve the UAE National Agenda goals.”

Jamal Al-Duwairi, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Al-Khaleej newspaper, underlined the significance of the initiative as one of the most influential programs that enriches Arabic content across various digital platforms through several activities, thereby boosting its presence in the virtual space. He added that it had allowed Arabic to be used on social media platforms with effective, clear, and precise digital content. Al-Duwairi emphasized that the initiative is one of MBRF’s most significant achievements, particularly owing to the various positive outcomes it has produced since its inception in 2013 and continues to be a key contributing factor to the development of digital content for the Arabic language. This has helped broaden the initiative’s impact on Arabic-speaking societies as well as others.

Al-Duwairi added: “As a responsible media platform, we are committed to encouraging such significant initiatives as the ‘Bil Arabi’ and its activities as a strategic partner across the country. We have been supporting this initiative throughout all its stages of development and worked towards achieving its noble goals. We strive to translate and spread its messages, which are centered on disseminating the concepts, strategies, and benefits of the Arabic language, as well as addressing the misconceptions and inaccurate information that might circulate through social media platforms.”

Ahmed Saeed Al-Alawi, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Ain News, attached greater significance to the initiative in preserving the Arabic language as well as fostering its use among the youth. He pointed out that supporting the activities of ‘Bil Arabi’ falls in line with the Al Ain News strategy, which focuses on safeguarding the legacy and values of the Arabic language, as it is a crucial element to Arab identity and culture. He further noted the significance of collaborating with several entities to preserve Arabic and circulate its correct usage across all fields of the media business.

Al-Alawi said: “Along with being culturally significant, the Arabic language is also a crucial means of communication between generations, particularly among the youth, who form the foundation of societies. Currently, a significant challenge we have to confront is in enhancing the language and promoting its use among the youth, especially as they face extraneous temptations that undermine our cultural identity and linguistic foundation. Therefore, we are committed to engaging in promoting the initiative, which aims to inspire young people by highlighting the significance of the Arabic language as well as by showing its creativity and uniqueness on a global scale.”

Nashaat Eldehy, CEO of Ten TV, drew attention to the necessity for restoring Arabic’s preeminent position as a global language as well as enhancing its presence and usage in the media. He also urged the adoption of measures to support Arabic on all platforms, particularly among the younger generation. He further encouraged Arabs to utilize their mother tongue, particularly through the Internet and social media, as well as strengthen its status as a global language.

Eldehy pointed to Ten TV’s sponsorship of the ‘Bil Arabi’ initiative launched by the MBRF while discussing the channel’s role in promoting the Arabic language. He also noted that this is one of the most significant initiatives that promote the Arabic language across the Arab world.

Nadine Samra, Chief Business Officer – Digital-OTT- Weyyak, said: “Our partnership stems from our belief in the fundamental role played by the Arabic language in building, developing, and supporting our society. Our mother language is one of the most important elements of our identity, because it has transmitted our history and culture over time. The Arabic language is one of the most important factors that has maintained the unity of the Arab nation from the Ocean to the Gulf. The Weyyak family is proud of the partnership with the MBRF and sponsoring #BilArabi for the third year in a row. We work closely with the Foundation to revive the Arabic language and help spread the language that represents our heritage and authentic Arabic history.  We aim to encourage future generations to use it proficiently and widely.”

The ‘Bil Arabi’ initiative was envisioned by a group of young people and university students in the UAE who presented the concept to the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation. The MBRF, along with these young people, adopted and developed this idea based on its goals, which are aimed at providing opportunities for the Arab youth. They aimed at enabling the youth to lead the region to a knowledge-based economy with the help of MBRF, by encouraging entrepreneurship, research and innovation, qualitative professional development, improving access to quality education, and supporting the production, acquisition, and dissemination of sources of knowledge in the Arabic language.

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