April 20, 2024

Emtel Signs Fintech Partnership With WebEngage

Pact Enhances Blink App’s Offering In Mauritius

Emtel, the Mauritian telecom network operator, has entered a partnership with WebEngage, a marketing technology innovator, to provide innovative financial services through Emtel’s blink mobile app in Mauritius.

blink allows users with a Mauritian bank account to make digital payments using a mobile network through a digital device connected to the internet.

The collaboration aims to redefine customer engagement through AI, automation, and advanced analytics, promising to enhance app-based experiences for users across Mauritius.

Emtel, a pioneer in the Mauritian telecom sector, has consistently expanded its services to include comprehensive ICT solutions, with blink emerging as a critical component of its financial services offerings.

CX Boost

The partnership with WebEngage, known for its proficiency in AI, customer data platforms, and data analytics, is set to significantly enhance blink’s customer interaction, offering deeper insights and more meaningful user experiences.

The newly announced partnership promises to elevate user experiences and contribute to Mauritius’s broader financial technology landscape, signalling a future where digital financial solutions are more intuitive, accessible, and user-centric.

Kresh Goomany, CEO of Emtel, stated: “blink was launched with the vision of empowering people in Mauritius with innovative financial instruments at their fingertips. We now want to boost user engagement through personalised communications and automated workflows while providing consistent and seamless experiences across channels.

“WebEngage’s proven experience in marketing in the telecom industry and fintech/FSI space is handy. Their CDP [customer data platform], fintech-specific data model, and out-of-the-box use cases will help us improve our relationship with every customer.”

GenAI Boost

WebEngage offers a CDP powered by generative AI that promises to integrate seamlessly with blink’s services. This integration aims to deliver actionable insights and facilitate targeted campaigns, enhancing customer journeys and retention strategies.

Hetarth Patel, VP (MEA) & Managing Director (UAE) at WebEngage, said: “We are excited to partner with an organisation with an excellent reputation and legacy in Emtel. Our CDP will be integrated with all their digital properties, such as web, app, and offline data.

“With our Identity Resolution Capability, we will develop many AI-powered actionable insights and execute campaigns across a customer’s journey.”

With Mauritius embracing digital transformation and developing its financial services sector, blink’s initiative to adopt AI and automation positions it as a catalyst for innovation in customer engagement.

Featured image: blink is a key component of Emtel’s financial services offerings in Mauritius. Credit: Nordwood Themes

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