April 15, 2024
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Finanshels.com Unveils AI WhatsApp Service

For Corporate Tax Registration In The UAE

Finanshels.com, a Dubai-based automated accounting and tax operations startup, has unveiled an AI-powered WhatsApp bot to facilitate corporate tax registration in the UAE.

The bot simplifies the UAE corporate tax registration process to a four-document upload, completed in under five minutes—a significant departure from the conventional method necessitating direct submission via the UAE’s FTA website, which typically consumes one to two hours due to its complex Arabic and English forms.

According to a Finanshels.com statement, the cumbersome process, fraught with potential errors, has traditionally compelled small business owners in the UAE to seek assistance from tax consultants in the UAE, incurring fees ranging from AED500 to 2,000, often coupled with opaque pricing structures and prolonged email exchanges.

In stark contrast, Finanshels.com’s newly launched WhatsApp service offers a swift and cost-effective solution, requiring a fee of AED199.

Muhammed Shafeekh, CEO of Finanshels.com, envisions his company’s new service as a democratising force in tax registration for SMEs in the UAE and simplifying back-office operations for all.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

By providing an efficient, transparent, and economical alternative to traditional methods, Finanshels.com aims to empower entrepreneurs and streamline business operations.

The enthusiastic reception from the UAE-based business community to the new WhatsApp service is evident, with 500 companies already onboard and a 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, underscoring the service’s tangible benefits.

User feedback further underscores the transformative impact of Finanshels.com’s innovation, with business owners praising the registration process and the platform’s user-friendly interface.

This paradigm shift towards tech-driven solutions reflects the UAE’s commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment and aligns with its Vision 2030 objectives. As more companies embrace Finanshels.com’s streamlined approach to tax registration, the ripple effects on the UAE’s economic landscape are poised to be profound and promising.

Supported by the Dubai-based Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund, Finanshels.com is at the forefront of efforts to bolster the UAE’s digital economy by automating back-office tasks.

UAE-based entrepreneurs keen to leverage the startup’s new WhatsApp UAE corporate tax registration service can initiate the process here: https://wa.me/+971505466355?text=start_ct_reg

Featured image: Finanshels.com’s latest offering on WhatsApp is now available for UAE-based businesses. Credit: Alexander Shatov

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