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July 16, 2024

GapMaps makes premium datasets available to customers in AWS Data Exchange

Global location intelligence specialists, GapMaps, has launched its premium point of interest (POI) and demographics datasets on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Exchange to help AWS customers securely find, subscribe to and use third-party data in the cloud. 

This means AWS customers can discover and license GapMaps data products via AWS Data Exchange, providing a self-service mechanism to easily access the data needed to fast-track and strengthen location decision-making in markets that include Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and North America.

GapMaps data products provide organisations such as consultants, developers, commercial real estate groups and brands in Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), Fast Food, Café, Fitness, Supermarket & Grocery with access to accurate and granular demographics and POI datasets, which they can easily merge with their own datasets to develop optimal location strategies. 

Anthony Villanti, GapMaps Managing Director and Founder said: “In today’s always on digital world, customers expect self-service environments to easily procure their data products and, for businesses like GapMaps, AWS Data Exchange provides a seamless experience to extend the reach of our premium datasets to AWS customers. 

“Until now, up-to-date and granular demographics and POI datasets are often inaccessible in countries across Asia, India and the Middle East. So, instead of investing valuable time and costly resources sourcing or building these datasets, organisations looking to expand their store networks in these markets can easily access GapMap’s latest premium datasets on AWS Data Exchange, empowering them to make more informed location decisions.

“Furthermore, in these regions demographics data is often limited to state level, failing to provide insights into specific neighbourhoods or suburbs. Unlike other providers, GapMaps uniquely provides detailed insights into consuming class distribution at 150 metre grid levels utilising the latest mobile device data, a factor that has shown significant correlation with store performance for the majority of brands that we work with,” adds Villanti.

Basic Demographics Dataset packages available on AWS Data Exchange on annual subscriptions include the latest estimates on resident population size along with demographics metrics based on published census data available in each region such as age profile, education status and occupation. These estimates are available at 150 metre grid levels across India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia or the lowest grid level supported in Australia (Statistical Area 1).

Premium packages available for India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Malaysia include Consuming Class datasets, delineating the distribution of individuals capable of purchasing non-essential goods, alongside Worker Population datasets, are also available at 150 metre grid levels. Additionally, retail spend estimates for various categories like food & beverage, supermarket/grocery, and apparel are provided. These insights help businesses understand household spending patterns within a catchment area. The Premium dataset package for Australia includes the latest estimates on daytime worker population along with age and population projections to 2031.

GapMaps also recently partnered with Applied Geographic Solutions, a leading supplier of high quality demographic datasets in North America and will offer their basic and premium packages on annual subscriptions via AWS Data Exchange. These datasets include more than 40,000 attributes covering population, demographics, neighbourhood segmentation, consumer spending, crime estimates/ projections and environmental risk available at a census block level.

The POI datasets offered on quarterly or annual subscriptions, monitor leading competitor brands across key sectors like QSR, fast food, café, fitness and supermarket/grocery. Regular updates via the AWS Data Exchange provide brands with crucial insights on store openings and closures, aiding in tracking competitor activity within specific catchment areas. GapMaps also tracks schools, universities, hospitals, public transport and shopping malls, crucial for driving traffic to nearby retail outlets.

“GapMaps provides datasets that enable businesses to assess the potential of a market, not only in the major cities, but in outlying suburbs and regions,” adds Villanti.  

“This helps them quickly prioritise which markets to enter, and in those markets, where to locate stores using high quality and granular data. Key to our success and the success of our clients is that we provide uniform data quality, whether it’s in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, India, or Australia.”

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