May 28, 2024
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Gigamon launches unique automated solution for enterprises

Precryption technology delivers deep observability to encrypted traffic

Gigamon, a global leader in deep observability company, has added Precryption technology to the Gigamon deep observability pipeline in its latest GigaVUE 6.4 software release made at the company’s virtual Visualyze boot camp (September 12-14, 2023).

Gigamon, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, specialises in a deep observability pipeline that delivers network-derived intelligence to cloud, security, and observability tools.

This solution eliminates security blind spots and reduces tool costs, enabling enterprises to manage and better secure their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Automated solution

Gigamon Precryption technology provides IT and security organisations, for the first time, with an automated solution to gain unobscured visibility into encrypted traffic across a virtual machine or container workloads to conduct advanced threat detection, investigation, and response across the hybrid cloud infrastructure – all in a highly efficient manner.

Initially intended for security and privacy, encryption has since become a favoured route for cybercriminals, with more than 93% of them now lurking behind encryption.

With Precryption, Gigamon is helping IT organisations to eliminate these blind spots by focusing on this previously concealed threat activity inside encrypted traffic, thereby reinforcing a solid foundation for zero trust.

Gigamon partners have now embraced Precryption technology for their global security practices.

According to the most recent Gigamon 2023 Hybrid Cloud Security Survey, more than 70% of 1,000 IT and security leaders surveyed admit they do not inspect the encrypted data flowing across their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Dangerous scenario

This presents grave business risk as encrypted data cannot be sufficiently analysed, and malware threats cannot be detected by security and monitoring tools alone as encrypted data traverses internally, externally, or laterally across an organisation.

Michael Dickman, Chief Product Officer at Gigamon, said: “As cloud adoption accelerates across an expanding number of private and public platforms, organisations must also address the escalating risks of threat activity concealed within encrypted traffic.

“Until now, decrypting cloud traffic has been arduous and expensive. With Gigamon Precryption technology, we are turning the tables on cybercriminals by bringing deep observability to encrypted traffic, allowing customers to dramatically improve their security posture across any number of clouds and workloads, without any burden on developers,” Dickman concluded.

Gigamon serves over 4,000 customers worldwide, including over 80% of Fortune 100 enterprises, nine of the 10 largest mobile network providers, and hundreds of governments and educational organisations globally.

Featured image: Michael Dickman extolls the benefit of Precryption technology. Image: Gigamon

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