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July 20, 2024
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Motul flows into the Middle East with NGEN range of engine oil

New lineup comprises bio-sourced and premium regenerated base oils

Motul, a world leader in the formulation, production, and distribution of high-tech engine oils, has launched its NGEN engine oil range in the Middle East region.

The NGEN range is made of bio-sourced and premium regenerated base oils for passenger hybrid cars and motorcycles.

The lubricant range made from renewable, non-fossil sources limits Motul’s environmental impact and significantly reduces its carbon footprint during manufacturing.

For the environment

Dmitry Bakumenko, General Manager of Motul Middle East (Motul ME DMCC), said: “We are proud to launch the NGEN range of engine oils in the Middle East market with a vision for the future to bring more environmental awareness and performance in formulations.

“The latest development signifies our tradition of excellence with a commitment to sustainability.”

“We have produced the NGEN range by carefully selecting bio-sourced and regenerated base oils and combining them to maintain the performance at the expected level.

“This product range will enable massive carbon dioxide emission reductions starting from the manufacturing process to the oil’s long life inside the engine and the use of 50% recycled plastic bottles for packaging,” he added.

Produced with precision, the NGEN range redefines the notion of premium engine oils by integrating sustainability into its core.

For motorcycles too

The NGEN range presents a unique lineup for motorcycles; the NGEN 5 is designed for daily use and offers smooth shifting, improved fuel efficiency, and effortless starting.

Meanwhile, the NGEN 7 lineup is tailored for performance and sport, showcasing rapid engine response, robust clutch grip, and outstanding high-temperature resilience.

The NGEN 5 and NGEN 7 adhere to the latest API standards and carry the prestigious JASO MA2 certification.

Motul has also launched its innovative NGEN Hybrid range, dedicated to lubricants for hybrid vehicles, unlike regular internal combustion engines.

Compared to traditional oil, this new lubricant formulation of synthetic oil gives multiple advantages to use in engines. This will also guarantee proper lubrication and increase energy efficiency and engine performance.

Featured image: Motul’s new NGEN range of engine oils. Image: Motul

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