GISEC Global 2024 To Highlight AI Impact On Cybersecurity
July 16, 2024

GISEC Global 2024 To Highlight AI Impact On Cybersecurity

From April 23-25, 2024, In Dubai

With the 13th edition of GISEC Global scheduled to be held in Dubai emirate in the United Arab Emirates from April 23-25, 2024, the cybersecurity community is gearing up to confront the profound influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on international cybersecurity practices.

GISEC Global 2024, held at Dubai World Trade Centre, will focus on ‘AI-Driven Cyber Resilience’.

With over 750 leading cybersecurity brands, 350 global cybersecurity speakers, and 1,000 ethical hackers worldwide, the event promises to be a pivotal platform for addressing AI-related challenges and trends shaping the future of technology.

Charles Brooks, President of Brooks Consulting International and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., asserts that AI significantly impacts cybersecurity.

At the forefront of discussions, Brooks stresses AI’s potential to expedite cyber threat detection and identification, thereby fortifying defences against evolving threats.

However, Brooks warns of the dual nature of AI’s impact, cautioning against its potential exploitation by malicious actors. He underscores the risk of malicious AI concealing malware within commonly downloaded programs, posing a formidable challenge for businesses.

Echoing these sentiments, Christian Borst, EMEA CTO at Vectra AI, lauds Generative AI’s positive influence on cybersecurity operations. While acknowledging its transformative potential, Borst also underscores the concerns surrounding its adoption, particularly within criminal hacking.

The emergence of Generative AI has empowered attackers with unprecedented capabilities to create undetectable malware and circumvent traditional security measures.

Despite these challenges, cybersecurity experts remain optimistic about AI’s opportunities to shape the future of cybersecurity.

As the international cybersecurity landscape grapples with the uncertainties introduced by AI and quantum computing, GISEC Global 2024 is set to serve as a crucial forum for deliberating strategies to fortify cyber defences and navigate the evolving technological landscape.

The Dubai World Trade Centre is organising GISEC Global 2024.

Featured image: The 13th edition of GISEC Global takes place in Dubai emirate. Credit: Arnold Pinto

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