February 22, 2024

Global population surpasses 8 billion on New Year’s Day 2024

The world added 75 million individuals in 2023

The US Census Bureau has revealed that the world’s population is set to surpass a staggering eight billion people as the globe welcomes the New Year in two days.

The data, released on December 28, 2023, indicates a global growth rate of just under 1% over the past year, resulting in an increase of 75 million individuals in 2023.

At the onset of 2024, the US Census Bureau predicts a global scenario where 4.3 births and two deaths occur every second, underscoring the continuous ebb and flow of the worldwide populace. This growth pattern sets the stage for a dynamic year ahead in demographics.

Breaking down the numbers further, the United States, while experiencing a growth rate of 0.53%, added 1.7 million people to its population in 2023.

The American nation’s population is set to reach 335.8 million on New Year’s Day, representing about half of the worldwide growth rate.

As the United States welcomes 2024, the US Census Bureau estimates one birth occurring every nine seconds and one death every 9.5 seconds. However, the nation’s population is expected to remain stable due to immigration trends.

Net international migration is projected to contribute one person to the US population every 28.3 seconds, resulting in an overall increase of one person every 24.2 seconds when considering births, deaths, and migration.

While the global population continues to surge, it’s essential to consider the demographic dynamics of individual countries.

India and China, as the two most populous nations globally, continue to play a significant role in shaping global demographics.

India’s population is over 1.4 billion, and China’s population exceeds 1.3 billion, accounting for a substantial portion of the world’s inhabitants. The interplay between these populous nations and the rest of the world will undoubtedly influence the trajectory of global demographics in the years to come.

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Featured image: Net international migration is projected to contribute one person to the US population every 28.3 seconds. Image: Rob Curran

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