February 23, 2024

Haltia.AI achieves AI breakthrough with on-device language model deployment

Startup’s proprietary technology is a game-changer

Haltia.AI, a startup that is headquartered in Delaware, US, has set a new standard in artificial intelligence deployment by completing the quantisation of a Large Language Model (LLM), allowing it to operate on-device and offline—an unprecedented feat in the Middle East region.

This marks a revolutionary era in AI, enabling powerful processing on consumer devices without relying on cloud connectivity.

Haltia.AI’s proprietary technology is a game-changer, facilitating the efficient operation of the LLM across various personal devices, including iPhones, in both online and airplane modes. This breakthrough enhances AI accessibility and integration, making advanced technologies more versatile and private.

As Haltia.AI gears up for its market launch in Q1 2024, this technological breakthrough substantially boosts its ongoing fundraising activities.

Currently engaged in SAFEs and pre-revenue funding rounds, the startup has garnered a long waitlist of early adopters, highlighting the market’s eager anticipation and confidence in its innovative product.

Arto Bendiken, CTO and co-founder at Haltia.AI stated: “Our objective was not just to bridge the gap between sophisticated AI capabilities and daily-use technology but also to ensure utmost privacy and offline functionality.

“Achieving this on popular devices like iPhones without cloud dependency is a testament to our dedication to user privacy and AI innovation.”

Talal Thabet, CEO and co-founder at Haltia.AI added: “This achievement redefines the landscape of personal AI. It demonstrates high-level AI integration’s practicality and immense potential in everyday devices. We’re proud to contribute to the UAE’s vision of being a leader in technological innovation.”

Featured image: Talal Thabet, CEO and co-founder of Haltia.AI. Image: Haltia.AI

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