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July 18, 2024

Huawei Cloud Showcases Intelligent & Simplified Cloud Native Security Solutions

At GISEC Global 2024, Huawei Cloud is showcasing its industry-leading intelligent and simplified cloud native security solutions to protect entities across the Middle East and Central Asia against sophisticated cyberattacks.

Intelligent digital transformation is reshaping various regional industries, bringing new security challenges. Furthermore, as data becomes more valuable, it is increasingly targeted for ransomware and theft, especially with today’s large models, where data is a key resource. In addition, as regulatory requirements are solidified, companies need to find ways to keep a sharp eye on their data, cloud computing, supply chains, and AI applications.

Under the theme “Towards a Trusted, Resilient and Fully Connected Intelligent World,” Huawei is participating as the Lead Strategic Partner for GISEC Global 2024. Huawei Cloud’s Chief Security Expert of Enterprise Digitalization and Cloud Transformation, Eagle Wan, delivered a keynote speech on the first day of the event entitled “Full Compliance Security, No Breakdowns, No Data Loss. No Problem”. In his speech, Eagle emphasized that the Huawei Cloud cloud-native security system is rooted in a cloud platform that integrates assets, security, and security operations together, making it the optimal solution for the digital intelligent world.

At the event, Huawei Cloud is also demonstrating its strengths both as a provider and a practitioner of security solutions. As one of the fastest-growing clouds in the world, Huawei Cloud provides services for more than 170 countries and regions, with millions of servers in over 100 data centers around the world. Ensuring the security and stability of so many services deployed at such a massive scale is Huawei’s top priority.

Huawei Cloud has built a full-stack, cloud-native, defense-in-depth security system that leverages global synergy to protect the Huawei Cloud cloud platform, services, and customer workloads from emerging security challenges. With its three security operation centers (SOCs) around the world, Huawei Cloud can defend against massive attacks with ease, with over 70% of security incidents cleared in one minute and over 99% of incidents cleared in five minutes.

Huawei Cloud is always the first user of its own cloud products and solutions. Huawei Cloud offers its security experience as cloud services to safeguard the continuity and stability of its customers’ workloads.

Building a Cloud Security System that Ensures Zero Breakdowns, Zero Data Loss, and Regulatory Compliance with SecMaster

Huawei Cloud launched the SecMaster at the GISEC Global 2024, which leverages a full-stack cloud native security system based on a single security operations center (SOC) and seven layers of defense. SecMaster, the SOC, works with other services to protect workloads at identity, network, application, server, data, and O&M layers.

For external plug-in security devices, counting assets across environments is challenging. It is hard to connect all security data sources, analyze threats precisely, respond to threats collaboratively, and to scale out capabilities on demand. Huawei Cloud native security is rooted in AI-powered infrastructure and deeply integrates security in cloud services and assets, making real-time threat awareness and rapid responses possible.

Based on a unified technical architecture on the cloud, SecMaster has integrated Huawei’s over 30 years of experience in security operations into over 300 threat detection models and 100 response playbooks. In addition, Huawei Cloud has started developing security capabilities powered by large models. Huawei Cloud leverages its Pangu models to create large security models that feature real-time tuning, which can be rolled out fast, bringing more intelligence into its “One Center + Seven Layers of Defense” security system.

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