December 4, 2023
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Hytera Communications empowers Middle East professional communications spheres

Company debuts intrinsically safe devices for high-risk environments

Hytera Communications, a leading global provider of professional communications technologies and solutions, showcased its latest advanced innovations at GITEX Global 2023 – the largest tech and startup event in the world – held at Dubai World Trade Centre from October 16-20, 2023.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Hytera used the launchpad of GITEX Global 2023 to unveil its latest and most advanced range of intrinsically safe (IS) portable two-way radios and a smartphone encompassing DMR, Tetra and PoC technologies.

Incorporating meticulous engineering and innovation, Hytera’s newly launched product range emphasises safety without compromising performance. It includes the PT890Ex and HP799Ex IS portable radios and the PNC460U rugged explosion-proof smartphone with push-to-talk capability.

Building on 30 years of Hytera’s expertise in IS devices’ R&D, the latest devices feature robust IS circuits, explosion-proof batteries, anti-static technology and dual antimagnetic mechanisms to minimise the potential risk of explosion caused by overheating and electronic sparks in highly hazardous environments involving explosive gas and combustible dust.

Hytera specialises in delivering top-of-line communications solutions tailored for industries in the Middle East region and worldwide, with deliveries to governmental organisations, public security institutions, and customers from other industries like transportation, oil and gas, and many others.

Yasar Arafath, Regional Sales Manager (MEA), Hytera Communications: Image: Arnold Pinto

‘Middle East News 247’ conducted an exclusive interview at GITEX Global 2023 with Yasar Arafath, Regional Sales Manager (Middle East and Africa) of Hytera Communications.

Excerpts from the interview:

What is Hytera showcasing at GITEX Global 2023?

At GITEX Global 2023, our primary focus is the introduction of our 2023 innovations: PT890Ex and HP799Ex IS portable radios and PNC460U explosion-proof smartphone. These offerings cater to our industrial customers.

We also highlight dedicated communications solutions for law enforcement, including body-worn cameras and power cellular solutions for commercial applications.

Why is it essential for Hytera to exhibit at the GITEX Global tech show?

Exhibiting at GITEX Global 2023 is crucial because our solutions are built on cutting-edge technologies. We aim to showcase our unique features to end-users and partners, instilling confidence in our products and support within the professional communications market and the Middle East region.

How is the market evolving for radio communications in the industrial space?

The evolution of the market for radio communications in the industrial space is significant. Radio communication is now mandatory in mission-critical scenarios, whether for daily operations or emergency communication.

We are dedicated to understanding and fulfilling customer needs with our innovative technology, as we recognise the critical role of radio communication in these environments.

What is Hytera’s market share in the GCC region?

In the UAE, particularly in public safety, we are a prime supplier to the Abu Dhabi Police, providing radios and serving the Ministry of Interior for the Northern Emirates. Our presence also extends to the oil and gas sector, where we have supplied over 50% of radios.

In Qatar, we supplied 18,000 radios for the last FIFA World Cup, capturing over 60% of the market share in the whole region.

(L-R) PNC460U explosion-proof smartphone, PT890Ex and HP799Ex IS portable radios. Image: Hytera

What specific customer needs does Hytera address?

Our customers require unique solutions with customised features, with crystal-clear voice quality a top priority. We have developed AI-based noise cancellation to ensure clear audio, even in noisy environments.

Additionally, our customers seek more extensive coverage, and we have addressed this need by increasing transmitter power in our new radios, thus providing expanded communication coverage. Furthermore, we have improved receiving sensitivity to meet customer demands for enhanced coverage and clarity.

How does Hytera approach manufacturing?

Hytera is a pioneer in manufacturing and developing IS devices for various protocols, including DMR, Tetra, and PoC. Even during the pandemic, we satisfied customer demands with quick deliveries, thanks to our in-house manufacturing capabilities and dedicated team.

With 30 years in the industry and 7,500 employees, including over 2,500 in R&D and technical roles, we ensure customer satisfaction with delivery and support. We have dedicated teams for after-sales support in each country.

Could you provide insights into your market share in Africa?

We have established a strong presence in Africa through nationwide networks. Notable examples include our collaboration with the Uganda Police, Tanzania Police, Eritrea Police, and Ethiopia Police in East Africa.

In South Africa, we hold a market share of almost 65%. Our reach extends to North African countries like Algeria, where we maintain a significant presence, especially in the mission-critical industry.

Does Hytera supply to global agencies such as the United Nations?

We have initiated collaborations with global agencies like the United Nations, the World Food Programme, and the Red Cross. While many UN purchases are made through local governments, we are gradually expanding our presence. Our future focus includes further engagement with these global agencies.

What drives Hytera’s R&D efforts? What are the parameters for developing new products?

Hytera attributes much of its success to its R&D capabilities. We operate eight R&D centres globally, with four in mainland China and four overseas, including two factories in Canada and one in Spain and Germany.

We invest 16% of our total revenue into R&D, allowing us to develop unique solutions and maintain a vast portfolio of patented technologies. We have over 3,500 proprietary products, each with at least one patented technology.

Our R&D also extends to satellite communications, with our Canadian R&D centre supplying equipment for aircraft and NASA, facilitating rapid data transmission.

Featured image: The Hytera exhibitor stand at GITEX Global 2023. Image: Arnold Pinto

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