April 20, 2024
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Initiative begins to prepare Emiratis as construction sector leaders

The year-long programme backs the UAE’s objectives

ALEC Engineering and Contracting, a prominent construction and related business company in the GCC and Africa region, has launched its ‘Mustaqbal’ programme to empower a new generation of Emiratis in the UAE’s burgeoning construction and real estate sector.

The newly launched initiative aligns with the UAE government’s vision of enhancing opportunities for Gulf citizens to contribute to and lead the growth of the UAE’s fast-growing private sector away from the government sector.

Gavin Stone, Group Director – People & Culture at ALEC, cited Mustaqbal as a significant addition to the company’s portfolio. The programme aims to attract top Emirati talent, enhance their skills, and deploy highly skilled professionals on mega projects in the UAE.

Of the 15 Emirati participants in the pilot project, 60% are female. Recognising the significance of inclusivity, ALEC prioritises providing opportunities for promising Emirati females, considering construction and real estate as vital pillars of the UAE’s economy.

In the initial months, Mustaqbal will focus on enhancing participants’ workplace accountability, time management, and communication skills. ALEC believes these skills are fundamental at every career stage.

The programme will expose candidates to real-world scenarios at ALEC construction sites and leverage in-house. Guest mentors will refine team dynamics, leadership and management, and presentation abilities.

Clare Verrall, ALEC’s Learning and Development Business Partner, highlighted the programme’s ability to empower dedicated young Emiratis towards professional and personal development through real-life examples and practical learning.

The year-long programme will conclude with Emirati participants assigned to cutting-edge research and development projects led by ALEC’s Innovation Division.

Barry Lewis, CEO of ALEC, highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting the UAE government’s vision by equipping Emirati employees with real-world expertise from industry veterans.

Headquartered in Dubai, ALEC Engineering and Contracting is a part of the Investment Corporate of Dubai (ICD).

Featured image: The first batch of the ‘Mustaqbal’ programme in Dubai. Credit: ALEC

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