May 20, 2024

Injazat Strategic partnership agreement with Micro Focus (now OpenText) to Offer Enhanced Digital Workflows in the Region

  • Injazat, a G42 company, is the UAE’s largest provider of Micro Focus software products.
  • The 3-year licensing Strategic Partnership Agreement between the two parties will give Injazat substantial access to Micro Focus’s top-of-the-line software packages


Abu Dhabi, UAE – 6th April 2023: Injazat, an industry-recognized market leader in Digital Transformation, Cloud computing, and Cyber Security today announced a partnership with Micro Focus (now OpenText), one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers to offer Managed IT Services to clients in the region. Currently, Injazat is UAE’s largest provider of Micro Focus software products and will continue to do so for its large client base in the country under the latest strategic partnership agreement.

Formalisation of the partnership took place in a signing ceremony by Ussama Dahabiyeh, the CEO of Injazat, and Toufic Derbass, Managing Director for MEA, Micro Focus (now OpenText) at the Injazat HQ in Abu Dhabi.

The partnership couples Injazat’s management and monitoring solution services with Micro Focus’s robust products to deliver a sophisticated IT framework. The collaboration will help accelerate Injazat’s public and private sector clients in their digital transformation journey and to solve some of today’s operational challenges by adopting digital workflows. With digital workflows, enterprises achieve better business outcomes by automating multi-step processes, coordinating employee activities, and synchronizing data across systems.

The three-year licensing Strategic partnership agreement between the two parties will give Injazat substantial access to Micro Focus’s top-of-the-line IT Operations Management (ITOM) and Information Technology Support for Asset Management (ITSAM) software. Using ITOM, IT departments can plan, build, and operate digital services and ITSAM tracks asset acquisition, renewal, deployment, and redeployment.

Commenting on the partnership, the CEO of Injazat Usama Dahabiyeh said: “It is our pleasure to strengthen our longstanding collaboration with a world-class enterprise software provider such as Micro Focus (now OpenText), through this three-year Strategic partnership agreement. The new partnership brings together Injazat’s established presence in the digital transformation market and Micro Focus’s extensive technological and market expertise with software and tools that ensure smooth IT operations. With Micro Focus top-notch products, we will be able to provide best-in-class services to our clients. We are proud to extend Injazat’s expertise, enterprise references, and proven track-record through this partnership that will also enable Micro Focus (now OpenText) to optimise joint customer costs and expand their reach to a wider range of organisations, industries, and territories significantly accelerate the adoption of digital workflow solutions across the region.”

Toufic Derbass, Managing Director for MEA at Micro Focus is now OpenText said: “Injazat and Micro Focus have been partners for more than 10 years in the UAE market, bringing business value and helping protect investments for customers in the public and private sectors. We are excited about the strategic transformation that Injazat has gone through and its prominent position as a digital transformation partner for both the UAE and the Saudi market as well. In this capacity, Injazat is offering end-to-end solutions in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This partnership will help in positioning Micro Focus (now OpenText) technologies in a much larger addressable market. At the same time, it will enable Injazat to avail Micro Focus (now OpenText) innovations and solutions to this market by helping customers along their cloud journey, accelerating go-to-market for their businesses, and automating their digital operations.”


Digital transformation is a highly driven initiative in the UAE, followed by other countries in the region. Considering the high demand for sophisticated Managed IT services in the region, the partnership will also see both parties working on a joint strategy to evaluate more Micro Focus (now OpenText) products for Injazat to leverage and use as part of its services to accelerate the region’s digital transformation.



About Injazat:

Founded in 2005, Injazat, a G42 company, is an industry-recognized market leader in Digital Transformation, Cloud computing, and Cyber Security. Based in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Injazat draws on its local expertise and presence combined with several global technology partnership networks to develop market-leading services. Injazat’s ambition is to empower organizations to achieve their vision by providing them with the technology solutions and expertise needed to power productivity while they focus on their core business.

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About Micro Focus is now OpenText:

OpenText has completed the purchase of Micro Focus is now OpenText. We are excited to combine together to provide expanded offerings that support our customers’ growing needs to digitize and work smarter. We are now 25,000 experts strong making us better able to help our customers and fuel our innovation. Micro Focus is now OpenText brings critical technologies to OpenText, including new categories of AI & Analytics, Application Development & Delivery, Application Modernization, and Digital Operations Management. They greatly complement OpenText’s proven market leadership in Content Services, Business Network, Digital Experience and Cyber Security. With our combined capabilities, we will help customers gain an information advantage and accelerate their digital transformation. The newly combined company will focus on future business growth that is inclusive, sustainable, and human centric. We can accelerate how we solve complexities by bringing information and automation together so businesses of all sizes can be re-invented through new digital fabrics, new rules, and new ways to work. The world’s most trusted companies trust OpenText, and our expertise is in helping people work smarter. OpenText powers and protects information to elevate every person and every organization to be their best.

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