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July 25, 2024

International SOS underscores commitment to delivering effective medical care

International SOS is showcasing its extensive expertise in providing high-quality and cost-effective health and medical supply services for governments, humanitarian organisations, NGOs, and inter-governmental agencies, as well as for individuals in vulnerable communities across the globe at the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development (DIHAD) Conference & Exhibition.

The company’s presence at the event, which is being held from April 23 to 25, 2024, at Dubai world Trade Centre, reaffirms its unwavering commitment to assisting organisations in times of crisis with timely procurement and distribution of quality medical supplies. During the event, the company is emphasising its International SOS Supply, which consists of six medical supply wholesale distribution centres strategically located across the world to provide critical medical assistance. The primary area of focus for International SOS Supply is the timely acquisition and delivery of high-quality medical supplies, including customised kits and modular health facilities, created to meet the demands of its clients.

The theme of DIHAD 2004-2024: Humanitarian Diplomacy and a Journey to the Future – seamlessly aligns with International SOS’s mission to empower businesses with resilience, continuity, and sustainability in response to emerging global challenges. As part of its participation, the company is engaging with the attendees to emphasise the significance of pioneering proactive strategies that offers prompt and insightful information for safeguarding lives.

Emmanuel PETREQUIN, General Manager, International SOS Supply and Government Services, said: “Over the years, DIHAD has emerged as a key platform for fostering collaboration and exchanging knowledge within the humanitarian and development community. We are privileged to be participating in this forum once again and reaffirm our commitment to assisting organisations in meeting their ‘Duty of Care’ obligations as well as fortifying business resilience amid prevalent health and security challenges.”

During the event, International SOS is emphasising its supply division’s sustainability agenda as well as its sustainable procurement processes. The company’s medical support team, who has extensive expertise in security and medical domains, is further engaging in fruitful discussions at the event to provide additional resources as well as a wider perspective for comprehensive engagement with stakeholders.

With a reliable and predictable medical supply chain in place that covers a variety of functions, including procurement, assembly, storage, and distribution, International SOS Supply ensures the delivery of consistent and high-quality treatment and care in challenging and remote locations. International SOS offers a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, surgical equipment, medical consumables, first aid supplies, medical infrastructure, and medical kits, that meet the WHO Model Quality Assurance System’s highest quality standards.

To maximise its impact, International SOS is further participating in several activities throughout the event, including interactive sessions with potential customers and clients to build connections and understand their changing requirements. The company is also interacting with UN agencies and NGO partners to promote cooperation and knowledge exchange. Meetings with partners from the International Humanitarian City and other important strategic stakeholders in the region, such as large foundations and government representatives, further reiterates International SOS’s commitment to advancing global health and security.

The company is also showcasing its most recent endeavours and programs that are targeted at expanding its global footprint and addressing emerging challenges. Furthermore, it is also highlighting its local engagement in the EEG project – For Our Emirates We Plant – in which the company participated in tree planting activities in Hatta.

The company’s effective and accredited medical supply services enable it to lower health and medical risks by guaranteeing the timely delivery of medical kits, medications, as well as clinical and logistical equipment, whenever and wherever they are required. It boasts a robust medical supply services team that supports organisations in over 900 remote and isolated geographic locations. Additionally, it serves and assists national governments, NGOs, and IGOs globally in their large-scale, multi-country projects in complex environments.

International SOS has established itself as a trusted partner for 9,500 global organisations, including Fortune Global 500 companies, mid-size enterprises, governments, educational institutions, and NGOs, since its inception in 1985. Headquartered in London & Singapore, the organisation boasts 39 years of experience in the domain and is synonymous with providing immediate and comprehensive responses to health and security threats across the globe. The organisation has an extensive global network of 13,000 diverse experts in security, medicine, logistics, and digital fields. Positioned to offer support and assistance, these professionals operate from over 1,000 locations across 90 countries, ensuring around-the-clock availability every day of the year.

Visitors can discover cutting-edge solutions that have established International SOS as a global leader in health and security risk management, at the organisation’s booth – C16 – at DIHAD 2024.

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