May 21, 2024

Slovenia Officially Joins Artemis Accords

Embraces Safer Space Exploration

In a significant stride toward international collaboration in space exploration, Slovenia has formally pledged its commitment to pursuing safer and sustainable ventures beyond Earth’s bounds by signing the Artemis Accords.

The historic moment unfolded on April 19, 2024, during a pivotal US-Slovenia strategic dialogue at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Offices in Ljubljana.

Gracing the occasion were Matevž Frangež, State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy, Tourism, and Sport, representing Slovenia, alongside esteemed figures including NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik, Ambassador Jamie L. Harpootlian, and Rebecca Bresnik, Associate General Counsel for International and Space Law.

Iztok Mirošič, the Slovenian Ambassador to the United States, witnessed the landmark agreement.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson hailed Slovenia’s accession to the Artemis Accords as a testament to a new era of cooperative space exploration.

“Today, the partnership between the United States and Slovenia crosses a new frontier,” said Nelson, underscoring the shared commitment to responsibly and harmoniously exploring the cosmos.

Expressing Slovenia’s dedication to the principles enshrined in the Artemis Accords, State Secretary Matevž Frangež emphasised the nation’s endorsement of the peaceful utilisation of space for the betterment of humanity.

The signing ceremony, graced by James O’Brien, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, showcased Slovenia’s vision’s alignment with the Accords’ ethos, which seeks to build upon the foundational principles laid out in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty.

Rebecca Bresnik, the senior NASA official present, was effusive in her praise for Slovenia’s inclusion in the Artemis Accords fraternity. Her words echoed Ambassador Jamie Harpootlian’s sentiment, further solidifying Slovenia’s burgeoning leadership in space exploration.

The Artemis Accords, established in 2020 by the United States and seven other nations, serve as a beacon for guiding nations toward responsible and peaceful exploration beyond Earth.

Embracing these principles, Slovenia joins a global coalition committed to transparency, cooperation, and the shared advancement of humanity’s cosmic ambitions.

Featured image: Matevž Frangež, State Secretary, Ministry of Economy, Tourism, and Sport, signs the Artemis Accords on behalf of Slovenia with NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik, Ambassador Jamie L. Harpootlian, Rebecca Bresnik, Associate General Counsel for International and Space Law, and Slovenian Ambassador to the United States Iztok Mirošič standing behind. Credit: US State Department

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