May 28, 2024

International Vertical Marathon Runs Safely with Hytera PoC Devices

SHENZHEN, China — Hytera Communications (SZSE: 002583), a leading global manufacturer of professional communications technologies and solutions, provided Push-to-talk over Cellular (PoC) devices for the organizer staff, medical, and support teams during the 2022 Ping An Finance Center (PAFC) International Vertical Marathon Master. The PoC devices kept all the onsite personnel, across more than 100 floors of the building, connected as teams of different functions and ensured a smooth and safe event.

On December 18th, the 2022 PAFC International Vertical Marathon Masters took place in the PAFC, the tallest skyscraper in Shenzhen, China. Contestants raced to the top of the 541 meters tall building with 116 floors and 3,217 stairs steps.

When planning for the vertical marathon along with the organizer, Hytera team did a technical evaluation of the event venue. The indoor coverage by local cellular operators was good and the Wi-Fi network offered a reliable complement of connectivity. Therefore, PNC380 PoC Radios and PNC560 5G XSecure Rugged Devices were chosen for the on-site team communications during the event. Both models are ruggedized for heavy duties. Their premium audio is empowered by both the hardware and software algorithms; the noise cancellation algorithm ensures crystal-clear voice calls in the stair shaft, where ambient echoes are common.

“As always, we propose and offer the right solutions to our customers. The skyscraper indoor environment is usually a challenge for push-to-talk communications if the property owner hasn’t deployed a well-planned system with repeaters. For the Ping An vertical marathon, as long as the carriers’ indoor coverage is good, Push-to-talk over Cellular is the right solution. Our PoC devices performed perfectly to keep teams informed and synchronized,” said Gerald Zhang, director of Global Marketing and Solutions at Hytera.

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