September 24, 2023

Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity and GE service 1400 MW of gas turbine capacity ahead of peak summer demand

Baghdad, Iraq; June 6, 2023: Supporting Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity (MoE) to enhance power generation ahead of peak summer demand in addition to improving overall units’ efficiency and performance, GE Gas Power (NYSE: GE) and MoE teams serviced and upgraded a total capacity of 1400 MW through several gas turbine service and upgrade projects across the country in the first half of this year.

GE completed maintenance work, including major overhauls, on two gas turbines with a total capacity of 200 MW at the Khor Al-Zubair power plant. GE also completed a 100MW gas turbine service at Shatt Al-Basra power plant, following a thorough inspection and replacement of major gas turbine components.

Key projects included Al Khairat Power Plant, where maintenance work on six gas turbines with a total capacity of 600MW was conducted by ministry teams, with technical and engineering support, and spare parts, from GE. Additionally, GE teams concluded work on a 100MW gas turbine at the same power plant. While at Al Quds Power Plant, GE and MoE teams upgraded two gas turbines with a total capacity of 200 MW.

Furthermore, GE completed an Advanced Gas Path (AGP) technology upgrade on 200MW gas turbines at Nineveh Power Plant improving output, efficiency and availability while reducing fuel consumption.

Ahmed Musa, Ministry of Electricity’s spokesperson, said: “Our maintenance and technical teams have been working around the clock since the beginning of the year to ensure the execution of these necessary maintenance and upgrade projects on time and ensure the readiness of these units as we enter the peak demand season. The Ministry’s strategy focuses on a set of priorities, including regular maintenance of operating units to ensure optimal performance and stability, especially during summer.”

Fadi Taboush, Executive Director of Services and Maintenance for Iraq at GE, said: “We work closely with the Ministry of Electricity (MoE) to provide critical maintenance and upgrades to our gas turbines, reflecting GE’s ongoing and long-term commitment to supporting MoE in expanding the availability and reliability of electricity supply in the country.

“With Iraqi professionals comprising up to 90 percent of our technical and engineering teams in the country, we understand deeply how this work supports our communities and the broader economic growth of the country,” Taboush said. “We also provide extensive training to MoE personnel, helping enable projects such as the Ministry-led maintenance work at the Khairat power station. In this context, we have hosted more than 150 MoE employees for safety trainings and workshops,” he added.

Since 2011, GE has helped bring more than 19,000 megawatts of power online across Iraq. In 2021, GE proposed a comprehensive energy transition plan covering GE’s 240 gas turbines installed across the country, including Northern Iraq. The plan includes converting simple cycle power plants to combined cycle – a transformation that significantly increases power generation with the same amount of fuel and no increase in emissions. It also includes maintenance, rehabilitation, and optimization of power plants that could improve performance and reduce CO2 emissions, as well as generating additional power by turning flared gas into power. In February 2023, the MoE signed a Principles of Cooperation (PoC) with GE to strengthen domestic power production. According to the PoC, both parties will work together to meet the growing power requirements in the country and explore opportunities for additional power generation through new plants and enhancing the capacity of the existing ones. The PoC also aims to support the maintenance of power generation and transmission infrastructure, as well as strengthening the Jordan-Iraq Grid Connection. Both parties will also collaborate to reduce carbon emissions in the energy sector and develop local competencies by establishing a Center of Excellence for monitoring and diagnostics of the Ministry’s power plants.


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